Oppose Hawaii Bill SB404--70% Wholesale Tax On Vaping


CALL TO ACTION: Oppose Hawaii Bill SB404—Stop the 70% Wholesale Tax On Vaping


Vapers of Hawaii, the 2017 Legislative Sessions are back in our state and that means you need to be ready for the slew of anti-vaping bills that are sure to come our way. Just like in the past, these bills can greatly affect vaping in the state of Hawaii and once again we need your help and testimonies to prevent these bills from over-regulating our industry.

SB404 is the first of many bills that are being introduced during this year’s session and we need your testimony and support to prevent this bill from passing.


What Will SB404 Do To Vaping?


UPDATE (2/7/17-11:51AM HST):

READ SB404 with Amendments added after the 2/1/2017 Hearing >> SB404 with Amendments


SB404 is set to place an added 70% wholesale tax on ALL of the vapor products that you enjoy now; this will force retailers to increase the cost of your vape products by 70%. It will also require vendors to obtain a retail tobacco permit and will increase the license fee for e-cigarette and tobacco wholesalers.

Read SB404’s in its entirety here.


Take Action! We Need YOUR Testimony & Support


Oppose SB404 On Behalf of the Vaping Community:


Hawaii State Capitol Building

415 South Beretania Street

Honolulu, HI 96813


Senate Conference Room 229 (Click here for map of where to find RM 229)



February 1, 2017 (Wed)



9:00 AM


Where to Park:

There are public metered parking stalls in the State Capitol underground parking garage, accessible via Miller Street off of Punchbowl Street. Park ONLY in metered the stalls. Click here for a visual map on where to park.


How to Submit YOUR Testimony


1. Visit SB404’s page by clicking here. Sign In / Register for an account, then click the blue “Submit Testimony” button at the top right.

2. Detail your opinion on the 70% Wholesale tax that SB404 will place on vapor products in Hawaii.


Talking Points that you can use:


1. Presumably, taxes on tobacco cigarettes are put in place in order to discourage use. However, recent studies from the Center of Disease Control conclude e-cigarettes and other smoke/tobacco free products are estimated to be 98-99% less harmful than smoking, discouraging use will only counter the goals of reducing smoking rates. Read: Results of CDC Study Back Vaping. Also, England has weighed in on the issue and has found e-cigarettes to be 95% less harmful.

 2. Other governments are embracing vaping. Public Health England (the government public health agency) currently endorses a policy to encourage smokers to quit with the aid of electronic cigarettes and vapor products. Read: Public Health England Supports Vaping & More Proof

3. Sin taxes are regressive. The smoking population, those trying to switch to vaping, is unduly made up of low-income persons. Sin taxes place unnecessary burdens on an already financially challenged group of people. Read: The E-Cig Tax Conundrum

4. Vapor products are already at retails stores in Hawaii are already subject to a general sales tax.

5. Placing an added tax on vapor products will inevitably drive consumers to shop online for better deals, which in turn will send more money out of Hawaii’s economy. Local businesses won’t be able to compete, which will lead to these businesses closing and in turn will put many Hawaii citizens out of jobs. This will result in less revenue for Hawaii, not more.

6. Placing a tax on electronic cigarettes, just like tobacco cigarettes sends a confusing and wrong message to would-be vapers, that these two very different products have similar risks. In turn, this message will lead those who otherwise would have made the switch to a tobacco/smoke-free product, will be encouraged to continue smoking.


You can also email your testimony or call into the members who have introduced the bill. The more vapers who voice their opinion, the better chance that we have in stopping it in its tracks. Send your email to the Senators who will sit on the chair for the bill during the hearing.


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