Permanent Price Drop for 15ML VOLCANO Premium E-liquids


Permanent Price Reduction for 15ML Premium E-liquid Bottles


You work hard for your money, so we want to make sure that we can give you the best deals when it’s time for you to restock on your favorite vape juices. That’s why we decided to reduce the cost of our 15ml VOLCANO Premium E-liquid line so that you can get even more e-juice for your money.

So now is the perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite VOLCANO vape juices, from Menthol Burst, to Tobacco Pure, Halawa Guava and more. Browse our entire 15ml Premium E-liquid Collection >


All of our 15ml bottles are now priced at $9.99 each.


Want even more bang for your buck? Check out our tiered pricing deals:


Buy 3 for $8.99 each (save 11%)

Buy 5 for $8.49 each (save 16%)

Buy 10 for $7.49 each (save 26%)


Want to purchase more than these? Our customer support can set you up with a customized order! Contact us directly at 1-866-866-6370 or send us a quick email at


Don’t forget our Flavor of the Week deal.

Every week we feature one of our Premium E-liquid flavors at 30% off. With our new price drop that means you can get our featured flavor for only $6.99! Check out this week’s Flavor of the Week >


Don’t know what flavor to try next? Here are our Top 5 Most Popular Flavors:


1. Menthol Burst

This intriguing vape juice, redolent of a breath mint with an intense, full-bodied menthol flavor, is designed for mixing with other flavors and provides an explosion of menthol flavor.

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2. Tobacco Pure

Tobacco Pure is derived from actual tobacco extract and provides a medium-bodied and leafy vape. Clean hints of roasted almonds, dried raisins and trace elements of clove make this an impeccable recreation of a tobacco cigarette.

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3. Red Hot Lava

Spiced, full-bodied, powerful, mildly sweet aftertaste, cinnamon lovers embrace this e-juice, which is distinguished by its spiced, full-bodied flavor profile. The long lasting cinnamon flavor is mildly sweet yet powerful on the palate.

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4. Bluewater Punch

The bright citrus flavor of this signature VOLCANO eCigs blend provides a refreshing, medium-bodied experience. The fruity bouquet of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch, makes it a best seller.

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5. Halawa Guava

On inhale; a refreshing surge of ripe tropical fruit gives way to medium-bodied, nectarous guava overtones. The result is a distinctively clear, fruity vape on every exhale.

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