Proper eCig Device Care

proper ecig care

Have you ever had an issue that was fixed in seconds by a VOLCANO ecigs representative? Have you ever wondered what steps you can take to prevent certain issues from happening?

Whether you’re a newbie or vape-a-holic, you should always be aware of the best ways to care for your ecigarette. With the help of our RMA and Customer Service Teams, we have gathered a list of proper care tips and techniques for your ecig device.

Regular eCigarette Cleaning

Just like you, your ecig device needs regular cleaning. Always be sure to clean off the connection plate and threading of your device. This will prevent any eliquid from getting into the device as well as any connection issues between your heating element and the device.

Best way to clean connection plates and threadings

To clean both the connection plate and threading, use rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. Make sure that the q-tip is not drenched and dripping with the rubbing alcohol. Take the q-tip and gently rub against the connection plate and threading. After any visible residue have been cleaned, throw the q-tip away. Let the rubbing alcohol on the connection plate and threading fully dry before connecting your heating element for use. Vape on.

Cool & Dry

With all electronics, we are encouraged to keep them in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight and away from any type of liquids. The same goes for your ecigarette device with the exception of eliquid that should be used with your heating element.

By keeping your ecig device cool and dry, you will prevent any internal damages, shorts, internal rust and any corrosion of the battery and electronic parts inside. Keep your ecig device safe and sound in one of our carrying cases >

Activation Button

On average, we press our activation button anywhere from 40 – 500 times a day. If we’re in a content or happy mood, we’ll press it with regular pressure. If we’re super excited or angry, we’ll press it unnecessarily hard and sometimes hold it down for no reason.

When we’re bored we tend to jiggle it around, press it quickly multiple times in a row and pick at the edges. Although activation buttons are made to withstand repetitive use, we don’t have to use the force when activating our ecig devices. Minimizing unnecessary use of the activation button will help prevent any damages or button failure sooner than intended.

Since we like having our ecig devices nearby at all times, we sometimes keep it in our pockets and even thrown in a bag with other items. This can also ruin the integrity of the button as well as cause the button to get pushed in and therefore break the circuit switch. Keeping your device in a carrying case, on a lanyard or in your hand can help to prevent this from happening.

Tap Dancing eCig Device

eCig devices weren’t made to tap dance but some of us enroll them in lessons anyways mostly when we’re bored. Excessive tapping and repeated trauma to your ecig device can cause internal and external damages as well as unexpected shorts and device failures. Give your e-cigarette device a nice break in between use.

Over Tightening

Due to past experiences or horror stories, we always want to be absolutely sure that our heating element is completely tightened into the threading of our ecig device. And because we want to be absolutely sure that it’s secure, we sometimes over tighten it.

By over tightening our heating element into our ecigarette device, we can not only damage the threading of our ecig device but also damage the heating element as well. To prevent any of these damages from happening, get used to tightening your heating element until it stops to spin.

Microscopic Enemies

Like our phones, our ecig devices are like our sidekick. Always by our side and there when we need them. With us at the beach, on hikes, at work and even skydiving! Little do we know, while our ecig device is on all of our adventures with us, their Microscopic Enemies are moving in and taking over.

Tiny enemies such as sand, dust and dirt can damage your device internally. By keeping your ecig in a carrying case, you will help prevent these enemies from moving in and taking over.

Stickers = No No

Since we always have our ecig device with us and are very proud vapers, we want to swag up our device. We plaster stickers all over our ecig showing our pride for our favorite sports team, carefully apply shiny rhinestones from top to bottom in our favorite colors and sometimes wrap it with duct tape for that extra manly look.

Although we love the creativity we have seen from our fellow vapers, this is a No No. Not only will this void your 1 Year Limited Warranty but it may also cause your ecig to malfunction. Instead of applying any type of stickers, paint or any other similar decorations onto your device, swag it up with fun drip tips, charms and an awesome lanyard.