RBAs 101: What Is A Rebuildable Atomizer?


RBAs 101: What Is An RBA?


In its simplest definition, a rebuildable atomizer or RBA is an atomizer that is a base for a vaper’s own custom wick and coil build. RBAs are the rebuildable versions of standard atomizers and tanks that most every vaper has used before. Because they are rebuildable by design, RBAs are intended to be used by advanced vapers. RBAs are meant to be a more customizable, cheaper and more sustainable way to enjoy your vape. This is because as soon as you have an RBA that you like, the materials used to rebuild your wick / coil setup is actually quite cheap.

At the moment there are currently four RBA styles that are out on the market, they are as follows:


Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Genesis Style RBA

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer



RDA / Dripper: The Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

The RDA or the dripper is the most commonly used rebuildable among advanced vapers. It has no tank, although it may come with a slight pit or well that may hold a little e-liquid run off. The wick and coil in this setup is what holds all of the e-liquid.

RDAs are so popular with vapers because it produces a lot of vapor, which is very satisfying. Depending on the type of coil build you have, it is the type of atomizer that will give you the most flavor as well. The user drips directly onto the atomizer and a fully saturated wick will normally last a user from 10-20 puffs. But that is dependent on a few factors such as the coil and wicking material you use.

With the cap on, RDA’s all look pretty much the same, but when you take off the top their base, which houses the posts all have their own characteristics. Each “deck” will have a different number of posts in different arrangements and these posts are where you will be attaching your wires to, for your build to work.




A. Fully Assembled

B. 3-post build deck with copper center post & 510-connection

C. Sleeve

D. Top cap with unique spiral cone design

E. Wide bore drip tip


How do they work?

Each RDA has a positive post, normally located in the center, with one or more negative posts surrounding the center post. When you build your coils, you will attach one end (lead) of your coil to the positive post and the other end to the negative post in order to complete the circuit.

Most RDA posts have holes drilled into them to make attaching the wires easier, for ones with no holes the wires must be wound between the top of the post and the bolt.

Drippers that have more than one negative post means that an atomizer with multiple coils can be built more easily.

It is recommended that your first dripper have only 2-3 posts, as these setups are a lot easier to use and practice on. 




RBA / RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

An RTA, which can still be referred to as an RBA is a rebuildable atomizer that has a tank attachment above the build deck. This allows the user to have a lot of room for extra e-liquid. When built and filled, an RTA will function in a similar manner as a standard clearomizer. You can basically vape all day without the need for re-filling.


RTA - Kayfun Clone Parts:


A. Fully assembled

B.  Stainless steel & Pyrex glass tank

C. Drip tip / Top Cap

D. Inner build cover & chimney

E. Build deck with 510-connection


How do they work?

When you first take a look at an RTA it may look a little complicated at first. It is composed of four parts: The base/deck, the chimney, the tank and the top cap / drip tip. Just like the RDA, the base/deck is the part of the RTA that you will build your coil/wick on. Different RTA’s will come with different post setups for their deck, but most will have the room for a dual coil setup.

One main difference that RTA decks have when compared to RDA’s are the grooves machined into the sides. These grooves are what channel your e-liquid from the tank to your coil build. The second part of the RTA is the chimney, this is the piece of the RTA that allows you to pull the vapor your coil build vaporizes.

Next is the tank, this is the part of the RTA that holds your extra e-liquid. Some RTA’s will come with a solid tank or a plastic tank that allows you to see the amount of e-liquid you have left. The last section of the RTA are the top cap which seals the tank and the drip tip that allows you to pull from your tank when in use.

RTA’s have a fill hole located at the bottom, it is recommended to use this to fill the tank rather than filling from the top to prevent the seal that was created during assembly from breaking. Filling from the designated fill hole will also keep the tank from leaking.




Genesis-Style RTA

The genesis-style RTA is an atomizer that takes after a tank style that was originally named the Genesis. There are many different versions of this type of tank on the vape market but they all have a similar build design.


RTA - Kayfun Clone Parts:


A. Fully assembled

B.  Top cap no drip tip

C. Inner chimney

D. Bottom cap with 510-connection

E. Pyrex glass tank with center tube (fits over chimney)

F. Build deck with taller positive post for easier vertical coil builds

G. Top cap no drip tip attached


How do they work?

Genesis-style atomizers are made with a build deck that is placed above a tank for e-liquid storage. When building this tank a wick has to be inserted through a hole that leads down into the tank. The wick material can be silica, stainless steel mesh, or a steel rod.

For these RTA’s the positive build post is normally taller than the negative post(s), this difference in height allows for easier vertical coil builds. Each negative post will have its own hole where its wick is placed through.

After a genesis atomizer is fully built and filled, the user has to flip the tank upside down briefly in order for the wick(s) to be completely saturated in e-liquid. After this “priming”, the wick will pull up the e-liquid to your coil build on its own by capillary action.




RDTA: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

The newest of them all, the rebuildable dripping tank atomizer are so new that there very few of them available on the vaping market. It is also called the “auto-dripper” as it is built to drip automatically onto your coils for you.


RDTA - Revel RDTA Parts:


A. Fully assembled

B. Stainless steel & Pyrex tank

C. Drip Tip

D. Bottom cap / build cover with adjustable airflow 

E. Three post build deck with taller positive center post & 510-connection


How do they work?

Simply, these devices work by dripping e-liquid onto your coil and wick build when you press down on the drip tip. These setups feature a build deck, a tank for extra e-liquid that is placed above the deck and a chimney post with a spring mechanism wrapped around it.

This spring is what allows the RDTA to function the way it has been described above. The spring is what separates the drip tip from the bottom of the tank and next to it is a small hole. When the user presses down on the drip tip, the liquid gets pressurized and this air pressure it what then forces the e-liquid through the small hole to fall onto the coil/wick build for vaporization.

Some RDTAs have the coil deck placed above the tank, in these models the e-liquid is squirted up onto the build when it is activated.



Mechanical mods and Rebuildable atomizers are for advanced users only. Not for beginner or average vapers with no knowledge of Ohms Law or how to use a multimeter or ohmmeter to check for the resistance or for shorts in their coil builds. These materials cannot be safely used by the inexperienced user or those without basic knowledge of how electronics function. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the battery, mechanical mod, atomizer or yourself and others.


Mechanical mods and Rebuildable Atomizers are advanced user products. Use at your own risk.