Regulations On E-Cigs Taking Effect In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Bans E-Cigarette Sales To Anyone Under 18


New regulations regarding the sale of e-cigarettes and all vaping products are set to take effect in Massachusetts this week.

Individuals under the age of 18 are now prohibited from purchasing e-cigarettes and any vaping related products. E-liquids must also now be sold in child-resistant packaging that meets federal standards.

The new laws include a ban on promotional giveaways or any type of free distribution of e-cigs and require that the devices be kept behind counters. It also prohibits the sales of e-cigarettes except through face-to-face purchases and cannot be purchased through vending machines with the exception of establishments that cater exclusively to adults.

“The growth of the e-cigarette market has posed a serious public health risk to Massachusetts’ residents and calls for strict oversight to protect our young people,” Attorney General Maura Healy stated.

The vaping regulations were filed on Friday September 18, 2015 and will take effect on September 25, though the childproof packaging requirement will not be effective until March 15, 2016.

Healey had announced the proposed regulations earlier in the year at a Statehouse press conference that was attended by anti-smoking activists.

“E-cigarette use has surpassed traditional cigarette use by young people and that is the problem, that is why I am proposing these regulations,” Healy had quoted.

The new laws should not impact business for many of Massachusetts’ e-cigarette retailers as the 152 municipalities of the state had already enacted local laws that banned the sales of the products to minors. Some cities and towns have also raised the age of purchasing tobacco products to 21 years old and some have extended this definition to include electronic cigarettes.