Rep. Hunter's New Bill Set to Stop FDA's Deeming Regs


Rep. Duncan Hunter’s New Vape Bill Set to Stop FDA’s Deeming Regs


Remember Congressman Duncan Hunter, the one who vaped in front of Congress in 2016? 



He may just be the next big thing for the vaping industry due to his newly released bill, one that is set to separate vaping from tobacco. It would essentially allow the vaping industry to continue to grow without government overregulation. Read: FDA’s Regulations for the Vapor Industry

The new bill titled the  Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act of 2017, removes vaping from tobacco the way it is stated in the Tobacco Control Act, it will establish new regulatory framework that will set vaping as a new tool for harm reduction. The bill will also rename the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products to the Center for Tobacco Products and Harm Reduction.


What Else Will This New Vape Bill Do?



The new bill will also authorize the Secretary of HHS to undertake a detailed assessment to compare the risks of smoking versus vaping and other tobacco alternatives. The bill will also set industry standards for device and e-liquid manufacturing. What sets this bill apart from other pro-vaping regulations is the attention it has placed on battery manufacturing, which pays special attention to battery safety such as discharge monitoring short circuit protection, serial / lot number tracking for authenticity.

“We will separate vaping from the Tobacco Control Act, it’s that simple,” States Congressman Duncan Hunter during a conference call with “We take away the liquid, we take away the devices and we create our own standards…this regulatory framework that we are going to introduce can be the basis for vaping for the next 50 years. And creates a strong base point so we can get a base and we change it and allow it to adapt to where the market wants to go.

Next week the U.S. Congress will be back in session and Rep. Duncan Hunter is ready to make waves for our industry again as he introduces his bill. This new legislation may just spell an end to the FDA's deeming regulations and represents a hint of hope for the future of vaping in America.


Read Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Cigarette Smoking Reduction & Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act of 2017 in its entirety.