Results of CDC Study Back The Vaping Industry

CDC Study Backs Vaping Industry


According to a report recently released by the CDC, many smokers are using e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. The study’s data was gathered by the 2014 National Health Interview Survey over more than 36,000 participants and led to the conclusion that 12.6% of adults have tried vaping at least once and that 3.7% of these people are still currently vaping.

More than a fifth of adults aged 18 – 24 years old have tried e-cigarettes, with trial rates at 21.6%. This rate decreased with age, and shows a drop to 3.7% for people over the age of 65. It also showed that men are more likely to try vaping than women, as 14.2% of men tried e-cigs versus only 11.2% of women.


Vaping to Quit Smoking?


The participants of the survey were sorted into four categories: current smokers, specifically those who have smoked 100 cigarettes in their lifetime and currently smoke daily or every other day; smokers who just recently quit; smokers who quit over a year ago; and those who have never smoked.

The participants of the first two groups were more likely to use e-cigs than the other two groups, a fact that isn’t surprising at all. Current tobacco cigarette users had a usage rate of 15.9% and smokers who had quit very recently had a rate of 22.0%. The people in the group who had quit smoking more than a year ago a much lower rate of usage of e-cigs at 2.3% and those who have never smoked before had a usage rating of 0.4%.

The results of this publication disproves the claim that e-cigarettes are a “gateway drug” that would introduce people to smoking and very much importantly highlights the true benefits that e-cigs provide.


Truth in the Numbers


The biggest findings of the study are centered on people who are actually e-cigarette users. The study reported that 47.6% of current smokers had tried vaping and that 55.4% of smokers who had quit had utilized e-cigs in order to do so.

In the end, this groundbreaking CDC study shows very clearly that people who smoke are indeed using e-cigs and vaping devices to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. This study points out that electronic cigarettes are proving to be an effective tool in helping smokers reduce their tobacco cigarette use or maybe even quit them completely.

Read the study in its entirety here.