RMA Department: Behind the Scenes

You ever wonder what really happens to your ecig device and ecig accessories when you send them into the RMA Department?

Are you curious as to how our RMA Specialists help our company? Since our RMA Department has been vital to the growth of VOLCANO eCigs, we will take you behind the scenes to see just why this department is so important.

RMA Process


“OMG, my battery won’t charge!” Probably one of the worst things that can happen considering you’re practicing for the Ultimate Vape Trick Contest in 2 weeks. Luckily, you have the VOLCANO eCigs Customer Service Team on standby through email or phone to assist you with product issues such as this. Most issues can be resolved online in our Knowledge Base, over the phone or through email with a Customer Service representative. Some issues will be hard to pin point over the phone or through email leaving our Customer Service Rep curious as to what the issue is and you eager to get the problem fixed. At this point, we arrange to have your product sent to our RMA Department for further research on the issue.

We’ve Got Mail!

Once your ecig or ecigarette accessory has been received by our RMA Department, they prep for testing. They use tools such as Voltage Meters and Oscilloscopes when needed to help pinpoint the root of the problem. When they have found the main issue they make sure to inform every customer via email as to what the issue was, how they can help prevent the issue in the future and if a replacement is being mailed out.

Manufacturer Defect = Replacement

VOLCANO eCigs is dedicated to providing a quality product and proudly stands behind our products. If a manufacturers defect has been found in the item you’ve sent in to the RMA Department (and fits the qualifications for a replacement), you’ll be notified of the defect and a replacement will be sent out honoring our 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Oopsies & Uh Oh’s

With our 1 Year Limited Warranty covering manufacturer defects, we unfortunately don’t cover spills, drops and intentional or accidental damages. If our RMA Department finds any preventable damages or damages due to user error after testing, you’ll be notified of their findings and a replacement will not be honored. View our 1 Year Limited Warranty >

Current Product Issues = Improved Products

It may be hard to believe but our RMA Department wants to know when our customers have product issues. Why you ask, because it leads to a better product with fewer issues.

From the moment a customer calls in about an issue to the day we’ve gotten to the bottom of that issue, we make sure to keep detailed notes every step of the way. With the details from our customer’s explanations, the notes taken from our Customer Service Team and the findings of our RMA Departments testing, we’re able to find and improve on any trending issues. 

Issue Reason > Manufacturer

At this point, we work until the issue has been fixed; therefore, producing a better product with fewer issues.


Success! Our RMA Department personally helps our customers with product issues as well as our company as a whole because of their passion for the ecig, their curiosity to find the root of all issues and then follow through to resolve those issues. Within every continuously successful company, you'll find an amazing RMA Department tinkering away to assist in making the overall product experience better for the future.