Santa Monica eCig Ban in Effect & Honolulu Looks To Do The Same


Santa Monica Ban’s eCigarettes from The Pier & Third Street Promenade;

Honolulu Looking to Jump On the Band Wagon With the Introduction of Bill 64

Santa Monica has joined Beverly Hills and Los Angeles banning the use of ecigarettes in public places where tobacco cigarettes have already been banned.

The ordinance being passed just last month, the City Council voted unanimously to put into effect tough restrictions on the devices treating them exactly like their combustible tobacco counterparts. Just yesterday this ordinance has finally gone into effect banning the use of ecigs in public places, vapor retailers now are required to have a tobacco license to continue selling their products.

Santa Monica’s new ordinance is now treating vaping as smoking. The sale of ecigarettes to minors is prohibited, ecig retailers must now have a tobacco license in order to keep selling their products, vapor bars will now have to prohibit in-store vaping. Two vapor stores are exempt from this rule, Fix Vapor on Main Street and Vapor Delight on Lincoln Boulevard are allowed to have their customers vape at their locations.

Vaping Will No longer be allowed at the following locations:

-       Third Street Promenade

-       Santa Monica Pier

-       Public Parks, Beachs, & Library grounds

-       Within 20 Feet of the entrance, exit or open window of any building open to the public

-       All outdoor dining areas

-       All designated waiting areas (bus stops & atms)


Bill 64: The Same Plight Against Vaping Coming to Honolulu?

A new ordinance pushed by Honolulu Councilmember Breene Harimoto is attempting to redefine the definition of smoking to include ecigarettes or vaping (“e-smoking” as noted by the ordinance). By broadening this definition, if passed Bill 64 will effectively ban vaping in those places where smoking has already been banned.

Bill 64 was introduced as the City Council has noted that the inhalation of nicotine and other chemicals found in ecigarettes is hazardous to the health of the user and bystanders and is a nuisance to those around them. The bill also notes that ecigs also undermines policies already set against smoking in public areas and in the workplace.

If Bill 64 is also passed in Honolulu, the way it was just put into effect in Santa Monica, ecigarette retailers on Oahu may be required to have a tobacco license in order to sell ecigarette devices, eliquids and accessories. Vaping may also be disallowed not just in public places, but also even in vaping cafes. Vapers will also be forced to stand outside next to smokers in order to use their devices, which seems like a hindrance to individuals who have successfully quit smoking by turning to vaping instead. 

Kona has also been looking into passing a similar ban; Bill 302 read more about it here.