Live Blog: Save The Flavors

Last Update: April 29, 2022  12:00 PM

Hawaii Vaping Community,

We are at a critical moment in our fight against HB1570, a statewide flavor ban on vapor products. We need everyone to please call and e-mail Representative Scott Saiki's office to oppose this bill. Yes, if you've already reached out to Saiki, we are doing it AGAIN to stand up against HB1570 and show legislators our concern with this flavor ban. Please share and inform your friends, family, and other fellow vapers!


Talking Points You Can Use in Your Calls and E-mails:

  • Vaping products have been made legal for purchase to adults 21+ in Hawaii.  Banning them is not the answer to youth usage who buy their products from the black market not the legal local businesses.
  • Adults like flavors too!  Many adult beverages come in flavors specifically for this reason.  Vaping products are no different with their flavor profiles.
  • Tens of thousands of Hawaii adult consumers use these products as their choice and 99% of the sales are flavored products.  Banning them will push adults back to tobacco cigarettes, a known killer
  • Banning flavored vaping products would create a massive black market instead of legal local businesses.

  • Flavor bans have not worked on mainland markets such as San Francisco. Youth smoking rates increased.

Thank you for being a part of our Hawaii vaping community and for your support and contribution in this fight to keep our flavors!

For further information or questions please contact us.
Call or text: (866) 866-6370