Save Your eCig & eLiquid from the Summer Heat

Whether your plans include relaxing beach days or adventurous hikes in the wilderness, it is hot! Avoid over heated batteries and sunburnt eliquid with these tips inspired by the summer heat.

eLiquid Tips

Under the Shade of a Coconut Tree

It may be tanning season for you but not for your eliquid. When eliquid is exposed to direct sunlight and heat, it can cause the nicotine and flavor to degrade and you’ll notice the color will change too.  Find a nice and shady spot for your eliquid while you enjoy the warmth of the sun.

eLiquid on the Rocks

Vapers will do all that they can to save their eliquid from going to waste for their own frugal purposes. Putting your ejuice on ice may keep it cool but may also thicken your ejuice possibly causing wicking issues when used.

When going on an outing that may include direct sunlight, heat and other enviromental hurdles, try not to overstock on eliquid and only bring along what you’ll actually need. The last thing you need is to accidentally trip and land on your entire eliquid collection.

eLiquid & a Dash of Sand

There’s no better feeling than relaxing on the beach and vaping a refreshing mix of Halawa Guava and Menthol Burst. Add a dash of sand to the mix and you’ve managed to turn your refreshing vape into an oddly salty dirt vape. Yuck! Keep your eliquid in a plastic bag or container to prevent any unpleasant surprises with your yummy ejuice concoctions.

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eCig Device & Battery Tips

Sauna in Your Hand

We love holding our ecigs in our hands so we know it’s safe, we know where it is and it’s close by for a quick vape when needed. But with the summer heat and added warmth from your hands, this could be a bad combination for your beloved ecig device or battery. Depending on the climate, too much heat can cause condensation on the inside of your ecig, which can kick start corrosion. Too much heat can also cause venting in the worst-case scenario.

Store your ecig device in a plastic bag between uses to minimize heat and prevent potential corrosion.

Hiking up Mt. Vape-more

With the sun up and trails dry, it’s time to explore our favorite hikes and take countless selfies as we soak in the beauty of our surroundings. There is nothing like vaping your favorite eliquid mix at the top of a mountain or end of a trail as a refreshing reward. Since your ecig has no way of protecting itself from harm, make sure you do!

Depending on the type of hike you choose to do, you can encounter anything from minor slips to full-blown falls that can literally turn your day upside down. To prevent any ecig fumbles or free falls, make sure to safely store your ecig on a lanyard or in your carrying case.

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