Summer eLiquid Blends

Summer eLiquid Blends

It has been a long winter for some of us which makes the arrival of summer so much better!

Roadtrips to the beach, summer clothes, picnics by the lake and warm weather. What more could you ask for this summer? How about some Summer eLiquid Blends to indulge in while you enjoy your summer! Check out these summer blends that will set the tone for an amazing summer day and keep you cool.


Baja Blast (Created by Hannah from Las Vegas):

70% Bluewater Punch

30% Mauna Dew



Blue-Nana Burst (Created by Michele from Wahiawa):

40% Blueberry Breeze

40% Bonzai Banana

20% Menthol Burst



Burst of Paradise (Created by David from Wahiawa):

35% Halawa Guava

30% Ono Orange Cream

30% Waikiki Watermelon

5% Menthol Burst



Cool Blue Limeade (Created by Mike from St. Petersburg):

50% Blueberry Breeze

40% Lolo Lime

10% Menthol Burst



Electric Punch (Created by customer Jordan Baskett from Schofield Barracks):

50% Mauna Dew

25% Bluewater Punch

25% Shaka Strawberry



Grape Ice (Created by Mike from Woodfield):

75% Grape Escape

25% Menthol Burst



Guava Delight (Created by Michele from Pearlridge):

65% Halawa Guava

15% Shaka Strawberry

15% Ono Orange Cream

5% Menthol Burst



Melon Bliss (Created by Ron from Pearlridge):

30% Halawa Guava

30% Pearadise

30% Hana Honeydew

10% Menthol Burst



Mixed Melons (Created by Elisa from Woodfield):

50% Waikiki Watermelon

50% Hana Honeydew



POG Fog (Created by John from Product Development):

35% Pineapple Punch

20% Ono Orange Cream

45% Halawa Guava



Tropical Breeze (Created by Team Ala Moana):

33% Shaka Strawberry

33% Pineapple Punch

34% Halawa Guava


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