The 101 On Temperature Controlled Vaping

An Intro to Temperature Control Vaping:


Are you sick of getting burnt flavor or dry hits from your vaping device? Maybe you are little annoyed accidentally burning your wick and coil build and having to rebuild or replace it? Or maybe you can’t stand it when your vape ends up being hotter than you wanted? 

Well it sounds like Temperature Control may be perfect for you. Temperature Control is the surefire way for vapers to control the temperature of the coils in their setups in order to prevent burnt wicks or dry hits from ever happening again.


What is Temperature Control Vaping?


Temperature control vaping is the latest technology that has come from the vaping industry; it allows the user to limit the temperature that their coil will be heated to when they are vaping. In truth though, calling it “temperature control” is not necessarily correct since the devices don’t actually have a temperature sensor in the way that we know that thermometers work.

Instead these regulated mods and the chips inside of them rely on the temperature coefficient nature of the coil, which is basically the change in the resistance of the coil as it is heated by the device. When a specific resistance change is measured, the device will then automatically restrict, adjust or stop power from going to the coil in order for it to keep the coil at the desired temperature setting that is set by the user. 

Temperature sensing devices will only work with Ni200 Pure Nickel wire or Pure Titanium wire. This is due to the fact that these two wires have a more accurately measurable relationship between resistance and its temperature, which is referred to as its temperature coefficient. Basically, as the coil heats up, the resistance also rises, the increase in the resistance is a relatively constant value that is based on its temperature. With this information the device can use the change in the wire’s resistance to roughly gauge and then control the coil’s temperature within about 10 degrees F.

Coils that are used with temperature control devices are very different from standard Nichrome 80 or Kanthal A-1 that vapers usually build their coils with. Ni200 Nickel and Titanium wires have very little electrical resistance, this requires a coil made from these wires to have more wraps, sometimes double the amount that a coil built from Kanthal or Nichrome would need. More wraps are required to “slow down” how quickly the Ni200 or Ti coils heat up because of its low resistive properties.


The Appearance of Temperature Control Enabled Devices:


Temperature control enabled devices when they first appeared on the market were quite an investment costing around $200 or more. So until the past year or so, these mods weren’t that popular due to their rather expensive price point. But as time goes on, more companies are now releasing temperature control enabled devices at more competitive and reasonable prices. Some modders have also gone into building their own mods by purchasing the technology on their own and building their mod from scratch. 

There are three different types of temperature control regulated mods. The first type gradually reduces the power that is being directed to the coil when the limit temperature has been reached, some will immediately cut off power if the temperature limit has been reached like the DNA 40 chip nestled inside the LAVATUBE 3, and now there are devices that can do both.

The ability to control and limit the temperature of your coil allows the vaper to find their vaping sweet spot that is guarded from both dry hits and burnt coils. Temperature control mods like the LAVATUBE 3 even come equipped with a memory function that remembers the settings of a specific resistance of coil that a user has on their atomizer. This type of feature definitely comes in handy when switching between atomizers as an added level of convenience.


Temperature Control Capable Devices & Tanks 




LAVATUBE DNA 40 Regulated Mod


TUBE TANK PRO + Ni200 Coils


Temperature controlled devices are definitely here to stay. The capabilities of these devices allow the user to dial in on their perfect vape with a few simple clicks of a button. This is a vape that is dry hit and burnt-tasting free. You don’t even have to worry about remembering the settings of your vaping sweet spot once you find it since the device will remember it for you. 

These types of devices are becoming more and more available as the technology advances and its popularity increases. It is definitely a perfect time to give a temperature control device a try if you haven’t considered it yet. Who wouldn’t want a vape that is dry hit and burnt flavor free?