The Beginner's Mega Guide To Vaping

So you have finally decided to make the switch...

Good for you! You might be wondering what vaping even is, if it will actually save you money, if it does work, how it works and even more so if it actually is safer than smoking.

The Internet is literally the world at your fingertips, if you are great at using Google, you can find out anything from baking a cake from scratch to taking a car apart and putting it back together again—and of course you can also find out a whole lot about vaping. But the Internet is huge and things can become convoluted, so we at VOLCANO have set out to make things easier for you so that your switch will be made with ease and you will come out of it a happier and more knowledgeable vaper than you ever thought possible.

All of us at VOLCANO are always happy to answer all of your questions. With our friendly sales associates at our store locations, to our amazing customer service department and here on our website with our many blog posts and informative Knowledge Base, you have more than enough help and information to get you started on the right foot with your new found vaping hobby.

Check out our Mega Guide To The World of Vaping, it is all of our past blog posts on the many different aspects of vaping compiled in a handy and easy to follow guide to ease your transition from the shunned smoking world and into the welcoming Vaping Community.


Part I: The History of Vaping

 The History of the eCig

  • Learn about the inventor of the first ecig, who revolutionized the idea and where the ecig industry is headed today. 

The History of eLiquid

  • It’s better than your old tobacco cigarette, but who came up with this brilliant idea? This post answers this question in depth.


Part II: Vaping In Our World Today

You are probably like the millions of smokers out there who have tried to find a smoking alternative countless times only to go back to a habit you wish you never started in the first place. Suddenly this new ecigarette device comes out that removes the smoke and bad for you tar but still offers the same nicotine satisfaction with better flavor—too good to be true right?

Well not this time around. Make the time to read up on ecigs and how they work because people who aren’t giving the time to learn more about them are fearmongering crowds and are starting to pass regulations and restrictions on this great innovation. Below are a few articles on those regulations and articles from very informed supporters of vaping.

An Overview of CASAA’s Action Plan Regarding the Proposed FDA Regulations

Guest Post from Glenn Kassel of SFATA

  • Post from Glenn Kassel of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, he has been very active within the ecig industry since 2008 and in this informative post he writes about the many changes happening in the vaping industry.

Guest Post from Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA

  • Cynthia Cabrera, the Executive Director of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association discusses her thoughts regarding the FDA’s proposed deeming regulations against ecigarettes and the vaping industry.

Educate yourself against the negative propaganda from the anti-vaping community and read up on a few common Vape Myths currently circulating:

Second Hand Vape

  • Is it really as bad for you as second hand smoke? Find out more in this post.

Will e-Cigarette Nicotine Turn Your Teeth Yellow?

  • Is it the nicotine or the tar that’s to blame for the staining? This post will illuminate the truth on this topic.

eCigs Contain Antifreeze?

  • I thought these were supposed to be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes? Does eliquid really have antifreeze in it? Read this post to find out the truth!


Part III: How Do These Things Even Work?

The Anatomy of An eCig

  • Learn about the different types of ecig models currently available to users, includes graphics on each model and in-depth information on the pros and cons of each type of device.

Guide to Your eCig Model

  • After leaning about the different types of devices and how they function, this blog post will help you make an educated decision on what VOLCANO device best suits your vaping needs.

How Much Has Switching to eCigs Saved You?

  • This post will give you an idea of how much you can save once you make the switch—as if you needed more convincing!


Part IV: First Things First, Your Vaping Safety Is Most Important

Proper Ecig Device Care

  • You finally got your first ecig, now learn how to maintain it properly so that you both with have a long lasting relationship together

Safe eCig Battery Charging

  • It powers your device and is the most important component of your ecig. Read this post so that you know exactly how to charge your battery safely

ECig Battery Care

  • Just like your device, your ecig battery needs love too. This post lists the best ways to clean and store your batteries

Eliquid Storage 101

  • You read about its history, now read about proper eliquid storage practices in this post

Does Eliquid Expire?

  • As with all things, eliquid too has an expiration date, but when is it? This post will tell you when it does expire and how to tell if your eliquid has past its prime

The Best Way to Dispose of An eCig Battery

  • Even if you cared for it properly, eventually your battery will no longer hold a charge. This post will tell you what you can do about your dead battery

Traveling with eLiquid & eCigs

  • Eventually you are going to need to travel with your ecigs & eliquids, learn how to properly pack your items to avoid any issues along the way.

Why Your eCig Devices Leak During Altitude Changes

  • Another helpful article for when you travel, if you change in altitude at all during your voyage be aware that it will affect your eliquids and devices.

Part V: eCig Batteries 101

The Vaping Noob’s Guide to eCigarette Batteries

  • Learn about the 3 different types of ecig batteries and which types of devices they are used for

Battery Chemistry

  • This short post will give you a quick history lesson on batteries (who invented them and when they were invented). It will also explain how a battery holds energy and how it releases it as electricity. Nifty gif illustration included!

Different Battery Sizes

  • There are many, many different types of batteries out there all labeled with different letters and numbers. This post will explain the logic behind these labels and differing sizes.

What do Ohms, Watts & Volts Mean for my Ecig?
What is Battery mAh?

  • When you are ready to venture into the world of variable voltage and wattage vaping, you will need to know what these electrical terms mean in regards to your battery and power usage. These two posts will introduce you to this very important vaping topic.


Part VI: eLiquid 101

You read about the history of eliquid and who came up with this remarkable invention. You know that there are 4 basic ingredients to eliquid, but do you really know what these ingredients are? These 3 in-depth articles delve into each ingredient and will surely answer all of your questions and will do away with any insecurity you may have on them.

What is Nicotine?
What is Propylene Glycol?
What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

A little more info on the wondrous eliquid

PG vs VG

  • When it comes to your vape, which is better: propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin? Here is some information on both, you decide.

PG & VG Ratios

  • After reading about the pros and cons of both, this post discusses different PG to VG eliquid ratios and the characteristics of each

To Steep or Not to Steep?

  • Does steeping your eliquid lead to better flavor? Find out in this post

Nicotine Strength 101
Custom Nicotine Strengths

  • One great advantage of vaping is that you can completely customize the amount of nicotine that is in your vape. These two articles discuss the benefits of customizing and compares the levels of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes. It also highlights how you can customize the nicotine levels in your eliquid on your own.


Part VII: Vaping Etiquette & Lingo

Vaper’s Dictionary

  • When you are making the switch to vaping, you will surely encounter some new terms that you are still learning to use. This post discusses some common terms that are constantly used in the Vaping Community

E-Cigarette Etiquette: Your Vaping Code of Behavior

  • Not all are open to vaping just yet, so make sure that when you vape, especially in public you are aware of the people in your surroundings and the regulations currently affecting your area. This post discusses some simple vaping etiquette practices to keep you on the respectful side of vaping.

How to be a Stealth Vaping Ninja

  • Need to vape but aren’t sure if you can where you are? Check out this post on how to vape on the down low.


Part VIII: Other Helpful Vaping Tips

7 Thoughts Everyone Has When Making the Switch to Vaping

Vape Dehydration & How to Avoid it

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

5 Habits That Are Actually Hurting Your Ecig


Part IX: That’s Vapertainment!

And you thought vaping couldn’t get any better. Check out these fun posts on the vaping lifestyle.

24 Things That Happen When You Become A Vaper

  • As expressed by some awesome gifs

The 5 Types of People You’ll Encounter at a Vapor Lounge

  • It will make you wonder which you will become!

Top 10 Most Popular Vapor Tricks

  • Finally mastered the art of vaping? Take your skills to the next level by attempting these popular vaper tricks. Check out our step-by-step guides below on a few of these tricks!

Vape Tricks 101 Series: