The Burnt Coil Woes: Why It Happens & How To Fix It



How to Fix & Avoid That Burnt Coil Taste


For any vaper whether they be a newbie or a tried and true expert, there will come the time when you get his with the unforgettable, awful burnt taste of a dry and burned-out coil. The moment that it hits you for the first time, a little part in the back of your head will worry that the next hit from your device may just end up tasting dry and burnt once again.

But don’t let the possibility of a burnt tasting vape discourage you from continuing on the path of vaping that you’ve chosen for yourself. That’s why we’ve come up with a few fixable scenarios that are the nefarious cause to a future burnt coil. This way you way prepare yourself and your gear correctly so that you will never have to taste that burnt flavor ever again.



Burnt Coil Culprit #1: Improper Priming


If you’ve tried your hand at building before, or even do a quick search on the Internet on how to build your own coils, you will see that priming is the step that you must take before firing up the device and taking a pull. 

Priming gives the wick the proper time to fully saturate in the e-liquid, getting fully soaked through and through so that its fibers properly deliver the e-juice to the wires for vaporization.

If there is not enough e-liquid, hitting the wires that are settled next to the wick, the coils will only have fibers to burn.  There is your dreaded burnt taste. 

So with any coil, especially a new one, always take ample time to soak your coils thoroughly before firing up your device. With pre-built coils it is recommended that you presoak your coils by dripping e-liquid directly onto the coil/wick build and through the wick holes before installing it into the tank.

Even after installing the coils into your tank, take a few dry pulls to encourage the wick to soak up the e-liquid inside your tank and let it “rest” for a few minutes before use. This waiting game is what will ensure that after each pull, your wick will remain soaked with e-liquid and free from a burnt hit.


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Burnt Coil Culprit #2: Dry As A Desert


The taste of a dry hit will always get you when you are least expecting it. Like a swift punch in the gut of your coils telling you that you forgot to refill or drip and aren’t doing so often enough.

An easy fix, keeping in mind how many satisfying taste fill pulls you can have before you need to re-drip is important to avoid this awful occurrence from leering its ugly head again.

With a tank, all you need to do is keep an eye of the level of the e-liquid inside, if it gets too low at one point, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and take a couple of minutes and refill back up to full.

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Burnt Coil Culprit #3:  Not Cleaning Off The Crud


Just like you need a shower at the end of the day, your atomizer also needs a good cleaning to stay fresh, clean and working properly. Depending on the amount that you use it or the type of e-juice that you use, your atomizer may need to be clean once a week.

You wouldn’t eat off of a dirty plate right, because of germs and the taste of old food contaminating your new food. Think of your atomizer the same way. If you leave old e-liquid crust and burnt gunk on your device, it will certainly mix in with your new e-liquid essentially tainting your vape. 

Avoid the entire scenario by taking the time to properly take your atomizer apart, rinsing with some warm and slightly soapy water, drying overnight before its next use.

Not only will this extend the life of your atomizer, your taste buds and future cloud production will thank you as well.

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Burnt Coil Culprit #4: Letting Your Coils Reach Coilgore Status


Your coils can easily qualify as a coilgore build depending on the e-liquid that you use. Thicker, sweeter and darker e-liquids can easily turn the cleanest; newest builds into an abyss of vaping misery in under three days. But the gist of the topic is whether you let your coils stay this way or quickly do something about it.

Although, taste is subjective it is hard to imagine that a coilbuild that is blackened with charred looking wick and wire will still taste good. So make sure you take a look under the “hood” of your setup every once in a while.  Especially when your vape isn’t tasting as good as before or your vapor production has suddenly lessened to make sure that your coils are still vape-worthy or if it’s time to scrap them and start over.




Burnt Coil Culprit #5: Did I Do that?


We're not perfect. People make mistakes all the time, but it is nothing to be ashamed of if you learn from those mistakes. Maybe you were short on time when you made your build and perhaps put it together too hastily and didn’t pay attention to any hotspots during your quick dry burn.

Perhaps you forgot to take your dry pulls after taking a hit from your tank or maybe you forgot to re-drip and didn’t check to see if your coils needed some more e-juice. 

It’s okay, user error happens to the best of us. When it comes to your vape it’s best to take your time when building a new coil, take the proper amount of time to prime correctly and pay attention to the quality and life of your coils. This is your vape and in truth it comes down to you on exactly how well your device performs and great the clouds you create taste.