The History of VOLCANO eCigs


Before VOLCANO eCigs came to be, it started as an idea. It took two skilled entrepreneurs from Kailua, Hawaii, endless research and a lot of perseverance  to build a company from the bottom up. Now that VOLCANO eCigs has made a huge impact in the eCig industry, it’s about time you know our history of the company you know and love dearly. To truly understand how VOLCANO eCigs came to be, we want to take you back to the beginning.

VOLCANO eCigs – The Idea

Although ecigs made its way to America in 2007, it didn’t make much of an appearance in Hawaii until 2009 where it found its way into two entrepreneurs’ hands. After making the discovery of something that seemed to have huge potential, these two gentlemen did their research.

Since the ecig market was still new, there were only a handful of companies who had taken the plunge they were so intrigued to take themselves. With the ecig market being substantially small both locally and nation-wide, they felt this was an opportunity they could not pass up. Having been affected by smoking negatively in the past and having a wide variety of necessary knowledge in the business field, these two entrepreneurs set off on a journey of a lifetime.

Vape, Sweat & Tears

Fueled by motivation and a dream of success, VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes was officially open for business online in August 2009. Like most new businesses, it was operated out of a small crawlspace in a house by the hands of the two creators.

On the day the VOLCANO eCigs website launched, they waited 8 hours until their very first order came through. Once word of mouth came into play, the company quickly out grew the small crawlspace and moved into its very first brick & mortar location in Kailua.

This became the VOLCANO headquarters consisting of the very first "Vapor Lounge & Café" in the nation, the Customer Service Department, the Shipping Department, the Warehouse and the not so luxurious CEO’s ‘office’ all run by 3 people. At this point, the VOLCANO eCigs customer base grew daily resulting in the need for more staff, new product launches and retail store expansion within the year.

Customer Service, Always Number 1

From the very beginning VOLCANO’s top priority has been to provide their customers with the best customer service experience in the ecig market. Going the extra mile with assisting new Vapers, explaining product care tips and troubleshooting over the phone when there was an issue. We knew that company success boiled down to the quality of the product, but most importantly the quality of its customer service.