The INFERNO Introduction Video

Inferno Introductory Video - Script

 Aloha everyone, my name is Lava Larry and today I’m going to be showing you the all-new Inferno Kit.

The Inferno kit is our hottest seller and is the perfect device for someone who smokes a pack-a-day or more of traditional analog cigarettes. The kit comes with two high capacity batteries that provide you with enough power to make it through the day and are built with a nifty USB port that lets you charge your batteries and vape at the same time so you’ll never be stuck without the power you need. Lets take a closer look at what comes in the kit.

The Inferno comes nicely packaged in a gift box and includes a handy carrying case, 2 batteries: one 650 mAH and one 900 mAH with built in USB charging ports and a 5 click on/off safety feature which allows you to power the device off when not in use. The kit also includes a fully assembled tube tank vapor delivery system and 5 replacement cartomizers, also known as your heating element, a tube sock which gives your inferno a polished look when fully assembled, a 15 ml bottle of our premium USA-Made e-liquid in the strength and flavor of your choosing, and finally all of your charging components which include a USB wall charging adapter and a USB cable.

The Inferno Kit comes standard with a 1 year Limited warranty, which protects your batteries and charging components against any manufacturing defects and is currently retailing for $74.99. Well that’s it for the Inferno Kit introduction.  Please check out the rest of our Instructional videos listed below and in our blog.