The LAVATUBE's New Partner in Crime, The LAVACELL


The LAVACELL was created with you, our fellow Vapers, in mind and making sure that you get the best performing battery out there for your beloved LAVATUBE v2.5.

Why is it better? Learn a little more about the LAVACELL and all that it has to offer.

The LAVACELL is a safe battery that was created to help provide an optimal experience while using your LAVATUBE v2.5. It’s built with a flat top that will maximize surface contact between the battery and your device, which in turn will help power your device in the most efficient way.

When purchasing a battery for your device, you assume that you’re getting what you ask for. With the LAVACELL, there is no doubt that you ARE getting what you asked for, no more and no less.

Now that you are a little more acquainted with the LAVACELL, here’s some specific information on the LAVACELL and some common questions:


  • Size:  18mm diameter 65mm tall
  • Battery Type:  2000 maH Lithium Maganese High Discharge Battery
  • 3.7v

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How long is the LAVACELL expected last between charges?

The LAVACELL has been tested to last anywhere from 3 – 7 hours at a time between charges. The amount of time will vary depending on the settings a Vaper chooses and how they vape with their device.

How long will it take to fully charge the LAVACELL?

The LAVACELL will take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours to fully charge on our Xtar Charger depending on how low the current charge in your LAVACELL is.

Will the warranty be the same for the LAVACELL?

Yes, the LAVACELL will have the same 90 day warranty as our IMR High Drain 18650 Rechargeable LiMN Batteries we currently carry.

Are there any basic care instructions to take with the LAVACELL?

Make sure to fully charge your batteries in-between use and to follow safe storage practices when they are not in use. Do not use or charge batteries in hot or damp environments. Doing so can damage the adapter and can be dangerous.

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