The Pitfalls of Buying Cheap eCigarettes


5 Reason Why You Shouldn't Buy That Cheaper eCig Starter Kit


Admit it, you’re a bargain hunter. It’s an expensive world out there of course you need to be. When it comes to your vapes though, buying cheap may not always be the best idea. When you are new to the vaping world the ecigarette is definitely one of mystery, so most people will do their research. They’ll as friends who have used them, colleagues or start researching on their own through the Internet. Even with the research, some people still find themselves unable to distinguish between an affordable ecig and a cheaply built one. An affordable ecigarette will have all your wants and needs in it without leaving your wallet empty, whereas a cheap ecig, though you have saved money, can fail you unexpectedly and may lead you to give up on ecigs altogether. That’s not what we want, whatever brand you purchase, we want you to be successful in your switch to ecigs, the better alternative so here is a shortlist of the pitfalls of buying a cheap ecigarette.


1. Quality Control

You can do your research and come to the conclusion that you did it well, but in truth there will always be companies out there who are just in it to make that quick buck. The government has not yet set any guidelines or requirements in terms of the manufacture of ecigarettes and eliquids. Whenever you vape you are putting your trust in the manufacturer and their commitment to safety and quality production.

So yes, you can save a few dollars here and there, but these retailers at such low prices are most likely sacrificing quality in the build of their products. With VOLCANO, we take our time to make sure that our devices, eliquids and accessories are of the best quality so that your switch will be a successful one. The last thing that you want to get is a cheap ecig that fails after a couple of uses and may just take away your enthusiasm of trying them out in the first place.


2. Dependability & Well-Tested Safety

When you purchase an ecigarette from a random retailer online you aren’t really sure if the manufacturer of that device has dedicated itself to a thorough testing of the safety and the dependability of their products. It is a bit of a coin-toss and if you get stuck with a device that fails after a few uses, you may just decide to give up on these great devices and go back to your old tobacco cigarette. If you purchase a device from VOLCANO, you can be rest-assured that in order for use to provide customers like you with safe and high-quality devices, we have taken the time to thoroughly test all of our products to ensure that it works perfectly from day one.


3. Customer Service & Support

When you purchase an ecigarette from a random company online they may have a customer support phone number, but most likely the only thing that they can help you with is a refund for whatever you purchased. Most of these online retailers are resellers of ecigarettes and aren’t really there to tell you how ecigs work. When your cheap ecig purchase stops charging correctly or isn’t producing much vapor, the most they can probably do is point you in the direction of a different model. With VOLCANO, our dedicated customer support is always there and ready to answer any and all questions you may have about your ecig. We are there for you every step of the way and we will make sure you are successful on your switch to the ecigarette alternative. We even have a Knowledge Base that you can visit if we aren’t able to answer your questions right away. We also have a handy blog that is full of useful tips on what your devices are made of and what you can do so that they are always on the top-notch of their vape producing performance.


4. Battery Quality

You want to make sure that your ecigarette performs well as soon as you take it out of its box. One of the most important components of your ecig is its battery. When you purchase a cheap ecig, it is hard to tell exactly how long that battery is going to last you, or even how well it will perform in the long run. We make sure that our batteries are built to standard, built to last and trial tested. You don’t receive that same type of guarantee from the run of the mill brand that you are sure to run into if you choose to buy that cheaper battery.


5. Warranty Coverage

Not only does VOLCANO insure quality control on our products, top-notch parts, premium ingredients and a dedicated customer service and support. Our products also come with a one-year limited warranty from the date of your purchase against defects in its build and materials. We’re sure that the cheap ecigarette kit that you found online at a random website more than likely does not have a warranty coverage like ours, you can read more about it here. We want you to be successful in your switch over from tobacco cigarettes and giving you piece of mind in the rare occasion that your device does fail you due to a manufacturing defect we want you to know that we are there to help you fix the situation straightaway.