The Time to Act is Now! : An Overview of CASAA’s Action Plan Regarding the Proposed FDA Regulations


Back in May, CASAA proposed their plan of action towards the impending release of the FDA’s proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.

Recently we spoke of the extension the FDA granted on the commenting period regarding these many regulations.

Over the past few months, CASAA’s organizational members have taken their time and carefully read through the 241 pages of proposed regulations, the FDA’s regulatory impact analysis (another 81 pages), the FDA’s analytical data on the operations on real-world implications of the regulations they have proposed, and even the Tobacco Control Act.

All of CASAA’s hard work has led to the conclusion that these regulations will not benefit the consumers—the regulations will only impose crippling restrictions on the ecig industry and will in turn only negatively impact consumers, being all cost and no benefit.

Over the past few months, their strategy, in order to bring about a positive effect on the warfront against these proposed regulations, has been encouraging members to send in comments on specific dates. These Calls to Action have been well thought out and targeted at specific members of Congress.

Here is a list, with links on their past Calls to Action, keep in mind you can still comment until August 8th, 2014 so if you have fallen behind on the Calls, you can still send in your reactions now, but be sure to follow CASAA’s instructions.

  • May 11, 2014, CASAA released its first Call to Action (Request for An Extension of Comment Period) Successful, as commenting period was extended to August 8th, 2014
  • May 21, 2014, second Call to Action (Consumer Comment on Paperwork Reduction Act)
  • June 13, 2014, third Call to Action (Demand Congressional Hearings Investigating FDA and CDC’s Actions)
  • July 17, 2014, first call to Prepare (Prepare your draft for a formal and substantive comment to the FDA)
  • July 23, 2014, second call to Prepare (Prepare and refine the draft of your formal comment)

With the end of the commenting period fast approaching, CASAA has gone full speed ahead with their requests for comments. Their fourth Call to Action was just released this morning and if you have been following their instructions for the first and second call to prepare your comments, today they ask you to finalize your formal comment and submit it today.

When you are ready with your draft, click the link above for the fourth Call to Action and follow the detailed instructions that CASAA has outlined to ensure that your comment includes all the necessary information with clear and concise facts on your opinions regarding the deemed regulations on ecigarettes. After you have perfected, finished, and submitted your draft via CASAA’s instructions, be sure you share their Call to Action anywhere and everywhere vapers and smoking-alternative supporters will see it.

We all want to be able to continue having access to the ecig devices, eliquid, and equipment that we have all come to love, that keeps us away from the vice of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Take the finely tuned and well-researched direction from CASAA and bring your drive and passion for ecigarettes to the doorsteps of those Congress members and make sure that your opinion is heard. Because no matter what, the FDA will regulate the ecigarette industry, but what we want is for it to be regulated in a reasonable manner, and with your help we can make sure that the Vaping Community can still come out on top.