The Tube Tank Pro: Will A Sub-Ohm Tank Give You the Best Vape?


Tube Tank Pro – Is A Sub-Ohm Tank Right For Your Vape?


Have you gotten acquainted with our contribution to the sub-ohm vaping movement? Our new Tube Tank Pro sub-ohm clearomizer tank. Sub ohm tanks are definitely one of the most popular devices on the vaping market right now and for a great reason.

Any seasoned vaper and definitely your cloud-chasing enthusiast will all tell you that the sub-ohm tank is a welcomed advancement as it simplifies the methodology of sub ohm vaping and makes it a more efficient, convenient and safer practice.

But if you are a newbie to this side of the vaping world, sub-ohming may sound like gibberish to you. Though you are here for a reason, so lets go over the facts and find out if a sub ohm tank like the Tube Tank Pro is right for your vape.


How Sub-Ohm Vaping Came to Be


First, what exactly is sub ohm vaping? The simplest answer to this question would be, that if you vape with a coil build that is below the rating of 1 ohm, you are technically sub-ohm vaping. This term used to only refer to those advanced vapers who have done the proper research on the advanced world of vaping and chose to lower the ohm rating of their coils to produce more vapor on their unregulated mechanical mods. As since mechanical mods are simple and do not have the electronics to allow a user to adjust wattage to produce more power and in turn more vapor, the only thing that they could adjust were the rating of their coils.

Armed with their extensive knowledge of Ohm’s Law, these vapers did so by creating their own coil builds with tools, wick and wire. Instead of having a tank, these vapers dripped e-liquid straight onto their coil builds for big plumes of vapor and robust flavor production—this was how dripping was born.

Dripping and coil building is still very popular now, but due to the amount of knowledge a user must have first before attempting their own coil builds, some vapers are turned off to the idea. Though mechanical mods and RBAs look simple, they aren’t.

They come with a distinctive set of safety issues that a user must be aware of and know how to deal with if problems ever occurred. If you aren’t familiar with Ohm’s Law and how it relates to your battery and the ohm rating of your coils, don’t just dive straight into coil building. Be responsible and do your research first.


The Innovation of Sub-Ohm Tanks


Then suddenly sub-ohm tanks like our Tube Tank Pro appeared. Ingenious as they are innovative, these advanced clearomizers have taken what rebuildable atomizers can do and tied it up into an efficient, easily usable and affordable package.

Sub ohm tanks feature pre-built, low resistance (sub ohm) coils with adjustable airflow but without the need of rebuilding coils. These tanks also feature a large tank and depending on your vaping habits can keep you happily vaping all day without the need of refilling or dripping after a few pulls.


Massive Clouds with the Tube Tank Pro


With the use of sub ohm tank, you can achieve those massive clouds on a regulated mod the way advanced vapers can on a mechanical mod. It is all due to its inherent features: 




A. Adjustable Airflow

For precision control of the airflow, all the way open for bigger clouds or closed for better flavor or something in the middle for a little of both.


B. Replaceable Pre-Built Sub-Ohm Coils

Pre-built from USA-Made wire and organic cotton, these coils come in 0.5 ohm Kanthal A-1 or 0.25 ohm in Pure Nickel (to allow the user to take advantage of the temperature control feature of a DNA 40 chip equipped device like the LAVATUBE 3. Features large e-liquid inlets for better wicking.


C. Pyrex Glass Tank

Made out of Pyrex glass for maximum durability and can hold 5ml of your favorite e-liquid for vaping throughout the day without the need of constantly refilling.  This tank is also replaceable.


D. Stainless Steel Body

Precision machined from 303-stainless steel, you can be rest assured that the Tube Tank Pro will keep you vaping for a long time.


E. Wide Bore Drip Tip

Geared towards maximum airflow, a wide bore drip tip was utilized for perfect air intake into the sub ohm coil to produce huge plumes of voluminous vapor clouds with each pull.


So Is A Sub-Ohm Tank Right for the Type of Vape You Want?


Sub ohm tanks were built with experienced vapers in mind, ones who have done research on sub ohm vaping and Ohm’s Law, but don’t want to have to rebuild their own coils constantly to achieve a satisfying vape. Or for vapers who are ready to take the next step in their regulated vaping and want to try sub-ohm vaping for the first time.

So if you are ready for bigger cloud production and more robust flavor, you may want to consider an upgrade to a sub ohm tank like the Tube Tank Pro. But remember, due to safety issues not all devices are compatible with sub ohm tanks, so please do your thorough research first before purchasing a sub ohm tank to use with a certain device. For first timers, the LAVATUBE 3, which is a regulated mod with built-in safety features, is a great place to begin. 


Learn more about the TUBE TANK PRO




Sub ohm vaping, unregulated mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are meant for advanced vapers only. They are not meant for users who do not have the proper knowledge and have not done the research on how to build coils in a safe manner. All rebuildable atomizers, batteries and mechanical mods should always be tested carefully with a multimeter or ohmmeter before being used. Please use and build at your own risk.