The Unexpected Side Effects of Vaping


The Side Effects Of Vaping That You Weren't Prepared For


The Welcoming Community of Vapers


When you were a smoker your habit ostracized you from the troops of non-smokers who would look at you with slight disgust. Yes there were other smokers outside on the street, which you may or may not have had small talk with in between puffs, but there was still the lingering guilt that what you are doing is detrimental to you and people around you. Which may have left you feeling you were by yourself in an ocean full of nonsmokers asking you why you are continuing a habit that isn’t the best for your health.

But then came vaping, though its effects on a person’s health is still being researched, it no longer offers the feeling of desertion the way cigarettes do. Now there is the vaping community full of vaping enthusiasts who all love their e-cigarette as much as you do, and now you are part of it. When you see another vaper on the street carrying their device, you seem to nod or toast to each other about the device that changed your lives for the better. You are part of a comradeship and a welcoming one at that!


Clearly You Aren’t Alone. Check out this great photo of vapers from GrimmGreen taken at the 2015 SoCal Vape Expo.


If you haven’t had the chance to check out a vape expo yet, here are some great places online where you can meet vapers like yourself:

E-Cigarette Forum

E-Cigs - Reddit



The Customization of Your Vaping Experience


Your pack of smokes were just that, a pack that you could pick up at a nearby convenience store with a set amount of cigarettes in each pack, only tobacco or menthol flavored, and sure you could choose between regular or lights in terms of nicotine content—but it really isn’t a customization, it is just what you had to choose from.


Your Device

With e-cigarettes, the possibilities seem limitless. You can choose from a cig-a-like that you can throw out after use, move up to a rechargeable and convenient pen-type e-cig with a refillable tank, or graduate to a high-performing mod, or mods that you could even build yourself with the proper research.


E-Liquid Flavor

One of the best things that e-cigs provides vapers is the huge variety of flavors. From tobacco & menthol, dessert, fruit, candies and beverage type flavors the possibilities are endless. You can even mix flavors together and create an entirely new flavor that’s custom to your preferences. Discover your new favorite custom mix with our E-Liquid Mix of the Week Series.


Nicotine Level

No longer are you stuck with the set nicotine level that your tobacco cigarette pack left you with. Vaping gives you the ability to choose your own nicotine strength in your e-liquids from an amount as low as 4mg to as strong as 24mg (or even stronger) and everything in between. Because of this nicotine customization vapers have even said they were able to lower their nicotine level on their own over time until they no longer felt the need for the nicotine. Find out how you can customize your nicotine strength.




Your Habit Turning Into A Hobby


Vaping is no longer just a better alternative to smoking, since it is so customizable to your wants and needs; it suddenly turned into an enjoyable hobby for you. Now you find yourself taking things apart and putting them back together to find the perfect mod that works well with your lifestyle, building and rebuilding coils, creating e-liquid flavors suited to your tastes and before you know it you have an entire collection that has its own special corner in your house.  



Trying & Mastering Vape Tricks


Yes, vaping is fun too. When you were a smoker you did it just to get your fix, maybe you blew a smoke ring every once in a while, but tricks were never a thing. With vaping, tricks open up a whole new world to explore. You now find yourself trying to blow huge clouds to one up the vaper next to you at a cloud-blowing competition, or trying your best to make an entire room of vape jellyfish, or attempting 2 or more vapenados on your coffee table. There are so many tricks to try and master, who knows maybe you’ll even end up creating a new one yourself.



The Obsession That Comes When Waiting For Your Vapemail


The ailment that no one warned you about, the one that leers its ugly head as soon as you get the email confirmation that your order finally shipped. It’s you waiting anxiously for your vapemail to arrive. The finicky feeling of refreshing the tracking page on your computer screen or even worse reloading it on your smartphone, because now you are frantically refreshing it the entire day.


Then when you hit refresh on the day you know your package is supposed to arrive and the screen finally says “Delivered”, it’s like time has come to a stand-still at work and you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of quitting your job so that you can go home early to your vapemail.


Enjoying Yourself At Vape Lounges & Cafes


With such a welcoming community it’s no wonder that vape lounges and cafes are huge now. Comfortably set with overstuffed chairs, televisions, and bars that serve food and drinks it’s no wonder you may want to stay a little while even if you already bought the bottle of e-liquid you needed.

Vape lounges also give vapers a sort of haven where they can enjoy producing huge clouds of vapor without worrying about offending a non-e-cig user next to them and it is also a great place where you can meet and connect with other e-cig enthusiasts and just sit and talk about how much you enjoy vaping.


The Vast Knowledge On Electricity You Never Knew You’d Have


You know it’s true, you learned more about electricity from your vaping hobby than you ever did at school. Not only do you know what ohms, watts and volts are, more importantly you know how they affect your vaping experience. You know too because the knowledge is important in that it will keep your devices and batteries from failing. You even have a whole new set of words that describe your newfound vaping hobby, if you need a refresher on those terms check out this handy vaper’s dictionary.



The Other Unexpected Lifestyle Changes:


What you now look like browsing the Internet



Your device is like another accessory for your outfit for the day



Food and drink pairings that complement your e-liquid flavor


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Having a “vaper’s mindset” for everyday things



So vapers, what’s another vaping side-effect that YOU have experienced?