Tips On How to Vape Your eCigarette Properly

Techniques to Improve Your Vaping Experience


It often surprises new vapers or people who try ecigs for the first time on how different it feels to vape as compared to how they used to smoke. To get smokers to try vaping most basic ecigarettes are made to look and feel like a regular tobacco cigarette, from its shape, sizing, color and the added LED tip at the end that can easily be mistaken for the burning end of a cigarette.


So really it is not so surprising that new vapers tend to approach vaping the way they would their old tobacco cigarette. But in truth how you puff an ecig is completely different from how you used to smoke a tobacco cigarette.


Don’t Do This:

Avoid taking quick, short drags like you did with a tobacco cigarette

  • eCigs are designed to be used with longer drags not short puffs
  • The average draw from an ecigarette is 5 seconds, not 2 seconds like with a cigarette


Don’t chain vape

  • After 5-7 pulls, give your ecig a break to allow the coils to cool down between uses
  • This will help you avoid any burnt tasting puffs down the road


Don’t be a sucker

  • If you pull hard on your device it will not utilize the heating coil properly. The coil will only work correctly if air is drawn gently across it. If you continue pulling hard it will cause you to draw too much eliquid that your device cannot vaporize and so you will end up with a mouthful of eliquid instead.


Do This Instead:


Draw Properly:

  • When you pull from your device, take a slow and steady pull letting the vapor fill your mouth. Some people say it is similar to how you would pull from a cigar or a hookah. Nice and easy. This technique prevents tank flooding and more efficient vapor production.


Hold the vapor, wait a bit and then exhale:

  • After you have smoothly pulled the vapor into your mouth, hold it for a few seconds then you can inhale and exhale through your mouth or nose. Most users note that exhaling through their nose gives them a better hit.


So remember…

When you are vaping you are not sucking / pulling hard. Smokers have the tendency to take the quick lung hits that they used to take with their tobacco cigarette which is around 2 seconds per pull. The proper vape technique is to take a slow and gentle pull, this will take you around 4-7 seconds. When you try it for yourself, press the activation button on your device and gently inhale to allow the vapor to fill your mouth.

If you want more vapor production, leave a small hole at the corner of your mouth to allow for more air to come in. Then release the button, but continue to pull a bit so you get all of the vapor out, take the device away, inhale then you can exhale (your mouth or nose). But in the end you will find the timing that you are comfortable with, the steps discussed above are just to give you a few good habits to start off of, but soon you’ll get the feel for your own vaping technique to satisfy your needs.