Top 10 Vaper Selfies

Vaper Selfies

Selfies date back as far as 1900 with the term selfie becoming popular in the early 2000’s. With the addition of the smart phone, snapping a vaper selfie is now the growing trend. But what kind of selfie do you take? We have trolled to boil down all vaper selfies into 10 major groups. Vapers can’t resist a selfie when they are enjoying their eCigs. 

Here are VOLCANO eCigs top 10 Vaper Selfies.

The Sleeping Selfie

Sleep walking can mean trouble, we have confirmed a new mystery - sleep vaping.


The Group Selfie

Pouring one out for the hommies is a thing of the past. Putting up some vapor, now you're talking our language. You can even send "vapor signals" to your freinds in distant places. 


The Bed Selfie (@kellifreebird)

Vaping as we lay in our beds, prepping for dreams of eLiquid dancing in our heads. There is nothing on T.V. but lucky for you, you won't need to channel surf if you have your ecig and your phone #vapeselfie.


The Shirtless Mirror Selfie (@wolfwalaboo)

Flex those guns, and strike a pose! The LAVATUBE is the perfect addition to a most manliest shirtless mirror selfie. 


The Extreme Close-Up Selfie (@krazie_babie808)

So close, you can almost taste it


The O-fie(@mrcraigruda)

Blowing "o"s is an art. Set your fattest ring to sail and snap a selfie, show 'em who is boss!


The Fashfie (@des_ired)

America’s Next Top Model ain’t got nothing on me and my fierce LAVATUBE! 


The Carfie (@_alborobloodline_)

Forget the bluetooth, I can hear you just fine with my vapor on.


The Headless Selfie (@twistrock)

Has anyone ever told you you have your head in the clouds? Well, now you can confirm that in fact, you do. 


The Classic Vaper Selfie (@spyhydro): 

Wallet, check. Keys, check. Cell phone, check. VOLCANO ecig, check. Huge clouds of vapor selfie, check. Start your day off right with a nice #vaperselfie and the rest of the day will be a cakewalk.