TubeTank Instructional Video


TubeTank Video Script

The TubeTank is our best selling vapor delivery system and employs a revolutionary design that lets you carry enough liquid with you to make it through the day. The TubeTank currently comes in two different setups; one that is geared toward the INFERNO and one that is geared toward the LAVATUBE.  In this video we will be covering the differences between the two and will be showing you how to get them set up and running. Lets start by taking a look at what comes with the TubeTank.

The TubeTank comes with a 4ml or 7ml tube, a 1.5 ohm or 3.0 ohm resistance cartomizer, also known as the heating element, a silicone seal for the cartomizer, and a clear plastic drip tip.

The 4ml TubeTank currently comes standard with the INFERNO kit and is sized to closely match the width of the INFERNO Battery.  The included 1.5 ohm cartomizer is also tuned to maximize the INFERNO’s power and should always be used with this device.

The 7ml TubeTank on the other hand was designed with the LAVATUBE in mind and is sized to match the LAVATUBE’s wider body. The included 3.0 ohm resistance cartomizer maximizes all of the LAVATUBE’s variable voltage power and should only be used on this device.

It is not recommended that you use the 7ml TubeTank on the INFERNO battery because the diameter of the 7ml TubeTank is much larger than that of the INFERNO Battery as you can see here. Ok now lets get our TubeTank setup and ready for use...

For this videos purposes I will be setting up a 4ml TubeTank with a 1.5 ohm resistance cartomizer on an INFERNO Battery. Keep in mind that the setup and use will always be the same no matter what size tube or cartomizer you are using.

The first step in setting up your TubeTank will be priming your cartomizer.  It is very important that your cartomizer is completely saturated with eliquid prior to initial use to ensure that you do not damage it.  It is also very important to note that this process should be repeated any time you switch out an old cartomizer for a new one.

Start by simply removing the plastic drip tip from the top of the TubeTank.  You will now see the cotton polyfill that acts as a sponge to hold liquid against the heating element wrapped inside.  In order to properly prime your cartomizer, we recommend dropping 40 drops of eliquid onto the cotton portion of the cartomizer to completely saturate the heating element.  You accomplish this by slowly dripping the liquid down the side of the tube making sure to not get any liquid in the center airshaft.  An even simpler way of doing this would be to purchase a needle tip bottle cap from our accessories page, which will allow you to inject the liquid directly into the cartomizer.

After dripping the 40 drops needed to saturate all of the cotton polyfill, we are ready to fill the outer TubeTank with more liquid.

Gently slide the tube tank out of the tube to give you enough room to fill the outer tube with more liquid.  You can now use the same filling method we used to fill the cartomizer, only this time fill the outer tube up to about 80% fill capacity.  The liquid held on the outside of the cartomizer in this tube will eventually be pulled into the cartomizer as you use the unit keeping the heating element consistently saturated with juice. This is done through a factory-punched hole in the outer cartomizer as shown here. As you draw on the tube tank, a vacuum suction is created pulling small amounts of liquid into the heating chamber to help the TubeTank create vapor.

Now that your outer tube is filled, slide the cartomizer back into place in the tube making sure everything is seated firmly in place.  You can now add the silicone seal to the inside of the cartomizer to  help prevent any spills and leaks during use, and finally replace the drip tip to the top of the cartomizer making sure it is seated firmly as well, and voila, you are finished setting up your tube tank.

The great thing about the tube tank is that even though there is quite a bit of work to get through the initial setup, you will only need to refill the outer tube after that to continue delivering juice to the heating element.  And with so much liquid available to your heating element, refills will be far and few between.

Well that covers the TubeTank, please check out our forum for more information about this and all of our great products and until next time. Happy Vaping!