Two Hawaii Bills SB1220/SB1032 - 80% Tax On eCig Products That Contain Nicotine


CALL TO ACTION: SB1220 & SB1032  Public Hearing On Thursday February 5, 2015. Hawaii Vapers Your Testimonies Are Needed.


Hawaii’s Legislative Session began on JAN 21, 2015 and already we have seen several bills that relate to the use and sale of ecigarettes. Just today Senate Bill 1220 & 1032 has been sent to the Senate health committee and a public reading has been scheduled for this Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 9:00AM at Hawaii’s Capitol Building in conference room 229.


What this means is that our lawmakers are actively seeking testimony (comments) from us, the public in regards to these bills. We strongly urge you to let YOUR voice be heard on both bills. Right now you can submit your written testimony for SB1220 & SB1032.


What SB1220 Will Do If It Is Passed:


1. Expand the definition of “tobacco products” to include any product that contains nicotine, but does not contain tobacco.


2. It will place an excise tax of 80% of the wholesale price of any tobacco product (other than large cigars) on any items sold by a wholesaler or retailer on or after January 1, 2016.


3. Will require any increase in the excise tax rate placed on cigarettes or little cigars on or after 1/1/2016 to trigger an automatic excise tax increase on other tobacco products on or after 1/1/2016


4. It will require the additional money collected under this tax to be deposited to the credit of the Hawaii cancer research special fund.


You can read the actual bill here.


VOLCANO’s Stance:


We strongly oppose defining nicotine-containing products as tobacco products as this definition will lead to the state of Hawaii to apply the very same tax structures, marketing and retail regulations and use-restriction laws that have been proposed, will be proposed or that are already in place for traditional cigarettes to ecigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco nor do they emit any smoke. This means that any law that seeks to apply restrictions to ecigarettes that have already been proposed or have already been passed for tobacco cigarettes, is quite misguided and are not for the greater interest of the public.

We strongly urge YOU to submit your written testimony against this bill and have your important views and voice be heard and if you are able to make it to the capitol to testify in person at the reading to back up your testimony that is even better.


Where YOU Can Testify On Behalf of Hawaii’s Vaping Community:


Hawaii State Capitol Building

415 South Beretania Street

Honolulu, HI 96813


Senate Conference Room 229 (Click here for map of where to find RM 229)



February 5, 2015 (THURSDAY)



9:00 AM


Where to Park:

There are public metered parking stalls in the State Capitol underground parking garage, accessible via Miller Street off of Punchbowl Street. Park ONLY in metered the stalls. Click here for a visual map on where to park.

We hope to see you there!