Vape-Curious Recipe #1: Huli Huli Chicken


Your Venture into the world of Vaping coupled with the perfect meal and drink

Why are we so obsessed with the coupling of good food and libations? The answer is quite simple: It is because we take in both and sometimes do so at the same time. Much like the right drink can enhance or ruin a dining experience, the right vape can also have the same effect, especially if you consider yourself to be a food connoisseur and a vape enthusiast.

There is a special skill to having a successful food and vape pairing and it can get complicated. Simply because with the many flavors of eliquid that VOLCANO currently offers and the endless mixture possibilities that one can concoct the flavors can in turn become more complex.

But the venture will be a lot of fun and it will surely result in some fantastic and memorable experiences not just for us, but also more importantly for you, our VOLCANO Vapers.  So hang on tight as we delve into the exhilarating and quite new world of food and beverage pairing to your vape. In this blog series we will be exploring many meals from the mundane to the exotic and beverages both simple and complex –on the search for the perfect vape pairing for both.


Vape-Curious Recipe #1: Kiawe Grilled Huli-Huli Chicken

Summer is right around the corner, seriously, as the Summer Solstice or the first day of summer is this Saturday on June 21, 2014. So let us celebrate the season Hawaiian-style with an authentic Kiawe grilled Huli-Huli Chicken recipe, perfect for those long barbecue beach days with your friends and family.

The many ingredients that culminate to create Huli-huli chicken is a perfect analogy to the harmonious melding of the various cultures that has made Hawaii so unique of a place to live. So what exactly is huli-huli chicken? The simple answer would be that it is the Hawaiian version of mesquite barbecue chicken.

Done correctly, it is cooked rotisserie style and flavored with a fusion of spices and sauces which all have roots from secret family recipes of local families. What rounds out the flavor and has kept this a local favorite is the sweet kiawe wood that you can only get from here. The name “huli-huli” was coined by Ernest Mogado of Pacific Poultry, the inventor of this magnificent dish; it stemmed from his method of cooking the chicken—by cooking it between two grills, which had to be flipped over continuously throughout the cooking process, hence the word “huli”, the Hawaiian word for “turn”.


Pair With: Ry-Four with a hint of Salted Caramel

While you wait for the warm billows of kiawe smoke to permeate its sweetness into your huli-huli chicken, take your ecig and enjoy a vape of Ry-Four and Salted Caramel. Nothing pairs quite perfectly with the savory robustness of this flavorful meal quite like a rich and creamy vanilla flavor with a smooth signature ending of tobacco—combined with the vibrant and velvety essence of the salted caramel it will surely ready you for the nuanced flavor profile of the moist, zingy chicken. 

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So celebrate the start of summer, the season of long beach days, bikinis, boardshorts, good company and great surf—Hawaiian style with some sweet and savory Kiawe grilled huli-huli chicken. Get the true local version of the recipe here and E ʻai kāua (bon appetit-let’s eat)!