Vape-Curious Recipe #2: All American Burger & Apple Pie

Today is Independence Day and we should all take a moment to remember just what this day actually means for our great country. It is not just another day off of work, as for our history it is much more significant than that. July 4th marks the creation of United States’ Declaration of Independence.

This is the day we celebrate and thank our forefathers before us who had the fortitude and strong sense of self to declare our independence from England, one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time. So ring in another wonderful Independence Day with VOLCANO and enjoy these three All-American inspired recipes all perfectly paired with eliquids at your barbecue tomorrow.

“As American As Apple Pie”:

Even though the most iconic pie in American culture and history did not start out as American—we have taken it under our wings over decades and have made it into our own. As now, very few desserts say “America” as plainly as apple pie. From backyard barbecues to summer nights spent at your nana’s house, apple pie is a dessert that we all associate with wonderful times spent with family and friends.


eLiquid Pairing: Vanilla Bean

Vape Vanilla bean between bites of this classic recipe, as the smooth, warm and full-bodied flavor will perfectly complement the cinnamon-sweet of the pie. A truly decadent vape—like having the pie ala mode but without the added calories.

Check out the recipe here: Classic Apple Pie



The Firecracker Cocktail:

Liquid patriotism--a red, white and blue American tribute in a tall, chilled glass. With the grill fired up, and the good times are going, this is the perfect 4th of July drink to have in hand. Pour your layers carefully for the artful and patriotic presentation, but don’t forget to ask your guests to stir before enjoying.


eLiquid Pairing: Pearadise

Vape Pearadise one of our most popular flavors, as you sip on this delicious drink, because the crisp and clean taste of the pear vape co-mingles impeccably with this fruity beverage.

Recipes Here:

Alcoholic: Firecracker Cocktail

Non-alcoholic: Firecracker Cocktail (made with juice only)



“Here’s The Beef” Burger:

Though its creation is a bit of a mystery, as its origin can be traced back to two different businesses—whosoever first decided to place a seasoned burger patty between two pieces of bread was truly a revolutionary of their time.

America’s favorite sandwich is certainly the summertime comfort food, so loved that it may even be considered a national treasure for us meat-loving Americans. The burger is definitely a cookout staple as truly no barbecue is complete without it.


eLiquid Pairing: Surfer Soda

As you wait for your burger to cook to the perfect temperature, enjoy the cool summer breeze and good times surrounding you and take a slow and satisfying vape of Surfer Soda from your ecig. The subtlety of this cola flavored eliquid offers a mildly sweet and tangy citrus aftertaste that will not overpower the flavors of your burger, while its finish—true to the classic flavor will certainly hold its own against the savory meat.

Check out the recipe here: Here’s the Beef Burger

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