Vape-curious Recipe #3: Germany's Wurst


Vape-curious Recipe #3 Germany’s Würst:

We all felt the agony of our Brazilian friends as we watched the brutal takedown that Germany delivered unto them at the beginning of the month at the 2014 World Cup. As we still feel the pains of Brazil, on the other hand we are still rejoicing with Germany on their beautiful win against Argentina.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, we at VOLCANO felt it would be a great idea to feature one of Germany’s most iconic dishes. With ecig in hand let’s dive into this week’s Vape-curious Recipe #3.

Würst (Germany’s Sausages):

There are over 1500 different types of würst (sausage) that are made in Germany. If you ever get the chance to take a trip over there, you will find many street carts selling them on every corner. Here is a list of the most popular würsts that you will encounter and ones you should definitely try.

Bratwürst: a fried sausage that is made of ground pork and spices

Wiener: a Viennese sausage that is smoked and boiled

Blutwürst / Schwarzwürst: A dark (almost black blood sausage) that is made from pig’s blood, diced pork, pork fat and seasonings

Currywürst: a regional specialty of Berlin. It is a sausage served with curried sauce.

Weisswürst: a specialty from Bavaria, it is a white sausage that must be peeled before eaten and is usually served with a sweet mustard

Rostbratwürst: a Nuremberg favorite, a sausage that is grilled and served with a good helping of sauerkraut

Guten Appetit!

eLiquid Pairing: Mauna Dew

Vape before or after, the subtle yet crisp lemon-lime notes of this lightly sugary vape is an impeccable balance to the aromatic, savory and succulent flavor profile of these Germanic sausages.

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