Vape-curious Recipe #4: Tacos & Donuts of Los Angeles


Vapecurious Recipe #4 Tacos & Donuts of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is so large and offers so many diverse activities in each of the 5 counties it is made out of that it is hard to say you are “bored” when you visit this wonderful city. Here you can easily go surfing or sunbathing with some surfer dudes or beach babes, you can expand your mind at one of the 300 museums it offers, get in some entertainment at any of the 80 stage theaters, or go celeb spotting at one of the many glamorous retailers this city boasts. Where ever you go and whatever you decide to do, this city will surely leave you awestruck.

 Since VOLCANO is visiting The City of Angels, we decided to find a couple of recipes that reflects what the real people of LA eat everyday. There is a lot of food here that many, not just “Angelenos” could say that LA does the best. Though on a simple drive around the streets of LA it seems to be that this city is about tacos and glazed donuts. So here are two easy recipes that you can try, perfectly paired with two delectable VOLCANO eliquids.

Authentic Carne Asada “Street” Tacos:

As they say, for “authentic” tacos, it is all about the flavor of the meat, so you want a smoky and moist steak for your “street” taco. Remember this isn’t the “Americanized” Taco Bell taco you are used to having. This taco recipe is just so much better, truly a must try!

Pair with: Lolo Lime


While you are waiting for your meat to cook to that perfect delicious smoky flavor, vape some Lolo Lime whose tangy and tart flavor will ready your palate for that tasty and citrusy meat.

Check out the recipes here: Carne Asada “Street” Tacos

Delectable Glazed Donuts:

There are so many donuts that call La-La Land home, from the unique combo of Chinese food/Donuts[i], to countless family-owned stands and high-end dessert creators—Los Angeles definitely has its history richly emblazoned by this glazed and fluffy fried dough. 


Pair with: Hawaiian Espresso

Inspired by the delicious coffee served at our VOLCANO Vapor Cafés, the thick aromatic coffee flavor that this eliquid delivers…spicy and slightly sweet is the perfect complement to vape with each bite of that scrumptious glazed donut!


Check out an easy recipe here: Simply Bliss Glazed Donut