Vape-farer Journey #6: New Orleans, Louisiana

Vapefarer Journey #6: New Orleans, Louisiana

The Top 10 Must-Vape There Places In The Big Easy


The city of New Orleans is located on the Mississippi river and is the largest city in Louisiana and is also one of the largest inland ports in America. It is the birthplace of Jazz, Cajun cuisine and the best place to go to celebrate Mardi Gras. A true melting pot, New Orleans is the home of Creoles, Irish, German and Italian immigrants and more so known for their French speaking Cajuns. This cultural diversity shines through in the city’s food, music and always rolling calendar of festivals that occur year-round.


1. Stroll Down the French Quarter, then bar-hop on Bourbon Street:

You cannot visit New Orleans without first making your way to the French Quarter, or the Vieux Carre, the true heart and soul of N’Orleans. It is the site of the orginal New Orleans colony which was established by the French in 1718. It still retains this heritage as in this area the street names are the original French names. As you stroll down the narrow cobblestone streets take in the neighborhood’s iconic architecture, marvel at the baroque ironwork of the balconies, offset by the greenery of many hanging plants and enjoy your time in their charming courtyards. When the evening sets in and you are finished taking in the history of areas like Jackson Square, the Cabildo and the Faulkner House it is finally time to visit the one main draw of the French Quarter—Bourbon Street. Best enjoyed in the evening, the infamous party hub that is Bourbon street comes to life. You will find this street lined with unforgettable bars, nightclubs, karaoke bars, fortunetellers and street performers. If you are looking for a roaring nightlife, you will certainly find it down this street. Bands start playing early in the evening and each venue offers a different type of music, from blues, rock, jazz, country, bluegrass—there is something for everyone.

Why vape here?

Make your way up to one of the iron-clad balconies during the evening and even without Mardi Gras going on, vape to the rowdy music filled atmosphere of Bourbon Street which keeps the party going year-round.

Suggested Flavor: Hana Honeydew



2. Visit a Plantation:

Take the time and immerse yourself in the history of New Orleans’ plantations like Laura Plantation and Oak Alley Planation. Oak Alley being the more famous of the two due to the breathtaking landscaping of the well-kept historical site. Being so named after the oak lined pathway that leads up to the magnificent Greek-revival plantation house that was originally built in 1839 and named Bon Sejour.

Why vape here?

From the moment you gaze up the tree-lined pathway to the splendid mansion, you will feel how extraordinary this place is. Take a quick vape before you step inside its gracious interior that echos the romance of an era long past.

Suggested Flavor: Apple Pie



3. Visit the Cities of the Dead:

A big part of New Orleans history-laden atmosphere are its venerable cemeteries or its cities of the dead. The most famous cemeteries are St. Louis 1, 2 and 3 all situated in the French Quarter. These house intricate decorative ironwork and many sun-bleached white tombs. The many statues and crosses of different sizes that cast contrasting shadows along the pathways add a sense of mystery to these much admired cemeteries. Past politicians, pirates and voodoo queens call these tombs home and as an explorer take caution as you navigate through the twisting and narrow paths as the freestanding statues and tombs make easy hiding places for muggers, even during the day. It is best to walk through in a big group or better yet with a knowledgeable tour guide.

Why vape here?

Take a quick vape in respect to the monuments and tombs that honor many lives long past in these history-heavy and unique cemeteries.

Suggested Flavor: Blueberry Breeze



4. Marvel at the Grandeur Mansions of the Garden District:

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city-life? Then take a walking tour or the Garden District for a peek at the city’s opulent homes. As suggested by its name, this historic neighborhood is laden with many trees that are hundreds of years old. Oaks, ivy and of course beautiful gardens. Marvel at the many different architectural styles ranging from Greek revival to Gothic, it is quite possibly the most photogenic district in America.

Why vape here?

Take a moment and enjoy your e-cig as you gaze at the beautiful 19th century antebellum mansions and landscaping of this affluent neighborhood.

 Suggested Flavor: Salted Caramel



5. Get Enchanted by a Ghost Tour & Voodoo Shop:

Heavy with history, New Orleans oozes with haunting ghost stories and is rich with voodoo, whose rites and traditions are still observed. Visit a voodoo shop and check out the tools of trade of this uncommon religious practice, which use oils, herbs, candles and recognizable voodoo dolls and amulets. Haven’t had your fill of the macabre? Then definitely book one of the many offered walking ghost tours that will take you through historic buildings and cemeteries where you can learn more about the haunted history of this area.

Why vape here?

It isn’t quite a trip until you get spooked during one of the haunted adventures this city has to offer, make sure you hold onto your LAVATUBE tightly as you make your way through the twisting, spooky turns of these evening tours.

Suggested Flavor: Choconilla Haze



6. Take a Steamboat Across the Mighty Mississippi:

The Mighty Mississippi she surely is, this river that is about 2500 miles long and is the longest river in North America and is responsible for the existence of New Orleans due to its roll in trading during the 18th and 19th centuries. At the French Quarter your can take a stroll along the riverfront; take in the calm and serenity of the area. This will lead you to the Woldenberg River Front Park that house many beautiful sculptures throughout its grounds, and where the Steamboat Natchez is docked. Head aboard the Natchez where you can enjoy the Mississippi and New Orleans from a different vantage point.

Why vape here?

Ask the crew for permission first and if you get the okay, vape in wonder at the Mississippi aboard the Steamboat Nachez, NOLA’s authentic steamboat.

Suggested Flavor: Bluewater Punch



7. Experience Jazz Like You’ve Never Heard it Before:

One of the best things about New Orleans is its jazz; it was born here so you can only expect the best of the best. Here life and death is celebrated with jazz, whether it’s heard from a street parade, at a funeral on Friday, during brunch on Sunday or on the street corner on your way to a market—jazz is always pouring from this city. There are many places you can go to enjoy this music, but one of the best places is Preservation Hall located at 726 St. Peter Street in the French Quarter. It looks dilapidated from the outside, but is just one of the charms of this venue. There is no food or drink served here, just pure New Orleans jazz at its best.

Why vape here?

Take a quick vape outside this historical venue before you head inside to enjoy the best acoustic jazz NOLA has to offer.

Suggested Flavor: Tobacco Pure



8. Eat With Your Hands:

Utensils are optional when enjoying the shellfish filled dining experience of New Orleans. Eating with your hands is truly the only way to make your way through a huge bucket full of steamed shrimp, crawfish, lobster and clams. Once you’ve had your crawfish fill, make your way over to Café Du Monde, because it is not a trip to New Orleans until you’ve made your way through a serving or two of freshly made beignets. After your morning beignets don’t forget to get in on some jambalaya and gumbo too.

Why vape here?

Of course you need to vape, how else would you figure out what pairs best with your morning beignets or your bowl of jambalaya?

Suggested Flavor: Vanilla Bean



9. Take A Street Car Ride:

Visitors often say that one of the best tours this city has to offer only cost them $1.25, which the cost of fare on New Orlean’s two major streetcar lines. Make the time and hop on a few cars, the St. Charles line can take you uptown, the Canal Street line leads to historic cemeteries like Metairie Cemetery or even to City Park where you can take a stroll through the 12-acre NOLA Botanical Garden.

Why vape here?

We don’t recommend vaping while riding the streetcar, but when you hop off to enjoy the sites and many dining experiences along the line a quick vape seems fitting.

Suggested Flavor: Red Wings



10. Delight in a Museum or Two:

If you still long for more culture and history, this city will definitely deliver through its many varied museums. Check out the New Orleans Museum of art of NOMA, which is the oldest fine arts museum in the city and houses over 40,000 works of art from the Italian Renaissance to the modern era. It also has the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, a 5-acre landscaped area behind its main building that features modern sculptures against a backdrop of live pines, oaks, magnolia, lagoons and walking trails. If you want more history, check out the National World War II Museum, where you don’t have to be a history buff to be moved by the collection of WWII artifacts from this era. Or if you want to learn more about Mardi Gras, Blaine Kern’s Mardis Gras World is one spot you don’t want to miss. This museum offers a close-up look at some of the flamboyant floats and bright ostentatious costumes used during New Orleans’ most famous celebration. It isn’t a regular museum but rather a huge warehouse that houses completed floats or current floats still being built.

Why vape here?

Before heading inside any of these memorable locales it’s always nice to just take a moment to enjoy your vape before taking in all the culture and history this unforgettable city has to offer.

Suggested Flavor: Halawa Guava