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Vape for Puna

Join VOLCANO in Helping Those Impacted by the Puna Lava Disaster


Here at VOLCANO, we always put our ohana (family) first and that’s why we felt that we needed to come together to help our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the ongoing volcanic activity in the Puna region of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Beginning today, we have started a charitable campaign tied to the sales of our in-house vape juice flavor line. 50% of the proceeds that we collect from the sales of our VOLCANO branded 60ML vape flavors will be donated to the Pu’uhonua o Puna Organization to assist them in their daily disaster relief efforts for the residents of Puna who have been displaced or affected by the on-going volcanic eruptions.

On May 3, 2018 fissures opened in the neighborhood of Leilani Estates and shortly began erupting lava coupled with hazardous sulfur dioxide. The Kilauea volcanic eruption in the Leilani Estates section of the Big Island of Hawaii has already claimed over 700 homes, displaced over 6,000 residents and have left many other communities and areas unrecognizable. 

Hundreds of other homes have been left too damaged or are simply unlivable due to the close proximity of toxic volcanic gases that are continuously being released from the open vents. Some areas are inaccessible due to lava cutting a line through access points in certain neighborhoods. The researchers at the US Geological Survey have estimated that up to this point lava now covers over 6,100 acres in the lower Puna area of the Big Island, with two remaining vents that are currently still very active.

The funds that we raise through our Vape for Puna vapor campaign will go towards supporting the Pu’uhonua o Puna charity organization to help their on-going disaster relief efforts as they continue to support our Big Island brethren who have been relocated or affected by Kilauea’s volcanic activity. 

Pu’uhonua o Puna also known as The Hub, is a community driven and funded local charity organization located at the Big Island of Hawaii and was founded first as a place of refuge for those who were displaced by the lava activity in Puna. Along with providing the residents of Puna basic daily needs such as food, water, clothing and shelter, Pu’uhonua o Puna is also working with Project Vision Hawaii to provide hot showers to those experiencing homelessness. They have also teamed up with Eight Days of Hope in order to locate viable land to add a suite of permanent housing options, with a main goal of a community-wide housing build out for those in need.  


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