Vape-tricks 101: How to Blow Vape O's



The Proper Set-Up

Before even going into the technique of a Vape O, you must make sure you have the proper set-up. Although it is not necessary to have a mod to get a great Vape O, the more vapor you can produce the better the Vape O. To make sure your ecig is prepped properly, check off the following tasks:

Heating element is properly primed (if necessary)

If you are using an atomizer or cartomizer, be sure to check out our heating elements section of our Knowledge Base to be sure you've properly primed your heating element for optimal perfomance.

eLiquid levels are at capacity

Depending on the heating element you choose to use, you'll want to be sure your eliquid levels are full without over filling your heating element. This will allow more time to focus on mastering your vapor trick than worrying about your eliquid levels. View all 15 ml eliquid bottles > I View all 30 ml eliquid bottles >

Battery is fully charged

Making sure your ecigarette battery is fully charged will prevent a pause or break in the middle of your Vape O eureka moment.

Favorite Drip Tip attached

Having your favorite drip tip locked and loaded will help set the right mood for creating awesome Vape O's.

All of the above tasks checked? You are ready to go!


Full Vape

The first and most important step in creating an awesome Vape O is to master a nice, long and full vape. Take a nice, long and slow vape. As your inhale comes to an end, slowly exhale your serious cloud of vapor. When setting yourself up for a Vape O, avoid short and fast vapes for optimal results. Once you’ve mastered the Full Vape, you’re ready for the next step.


Shape Up

The second step to creating that awesome Vape O is mouth shape. To get the proper mouth shape, follow these steps:

  1. Keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat.
  2. Make your lips into a small O shape and stick your lips out like you’re saying “boo”.

Try to practice making this shape without a Full Vape. Keep in mind that practicing in a mirror may cause confusion or an abundance of laughter. Once your mouth is used to this shape, you’re ready for the final step to the Vape O technique.


The Vape O

Finally, making the Vape O. After taking your Full Vape and getting your mouth in the right shape, you’ll be pushing a small amount of vapor out of your mouth using your throat. This will be like a mini cough and will almost sound like a slight choking sound. Try and avoid exhaling out of your nose which will cause the vape O to break up in mid flight. 

This step will take some practice and is done after the first and second steps. In time, you will be a Vape O Master!


The Ultimate Vape O Experience

Once you’ve mastered the Vape O, you’ll want to get the ultimate Vape O experience. After extensive research into the Vape O world, we’ve created these steps to enjoy that Ultimate Vape O Experience.

Step One:

Find a room or area with minimal to no movement, including A/C and wind.

Step Two:

Carefully pick out the perfect song to showcase your new awesome Vape O skills. Most popular song choices are Dj Snake & Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What and Animals by Martin Garrix.

Step Three:

Make sure your ecig device is filled with your favorite blend of eliqiuid. We recommend one of our Summer eLiquid Blends.

Step Four:

Have a camera crew (most likely your vape buddies with your camera phone) ready.

Step Five:

Have fun and get your vape on!


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