Vape Tricks 101: The Vape Bubble

Vape Tricks 101 – The Vape Bubble

Featured on our Top 10 Most Popular Vapor Tricks blog, we’ve done our digging to teach you exactly how to create your very own Vape Bubble or bubbles, once you get the hang of it!


Device Recommended:

Since your Vape Bubble needs a good amount of vapor to get a full bubble, we recommend using either the INFERNO or LAVATUBE v2.5 while attempting this trick. These devices provide a great amount of vapor that will create fuller vape bubbles.

What you Need:

  • eCig Device
  • Bottle of Bubble Soap with a Bubble Wand
  • Or very soapy water
  • Empty bottle of water cut in half or toilet paper roll


How To Blow A Vape Bubble:

Step 1:

Proper Device Set Up

Follow these steps to ensure your device is ready to make that huge Vape Bubble:

Heating element is properly primed (if necessary)

If you are using an atomizer or cartomizer, be sure to check out our heating elements section of our Knowledge Base to be sure you've properly primed your heating element for best results.

eLiquid Level Is Full

Depending on the heating element you choose to use, you'll want to be make sure your eliquid levels are full without over filling your heating element. This will allow more time to focus on mastering your vapor trick rather than your eliquid levels. View all 15 ml eliquid bottles > I View all 30 ml eliquid bottles >

Battery is fully charged

Make sure your e-cigarette battery is fully charged to avoid a break during your attempt at a Vape Bubble Cascade

Favorite Drip Tip attached

Having your favorite drip tip attached will help set the right mood for creating awesome vape bubbles.

All of the above tasks checked? You are ready to go!

Step 2:

Dip one end of the plastic bottle (mouthpiece end facing you) or TP Roll into the soapy water (the way you would with a bubble wand)


Step 3:

Take a long and easy pull from your device


Step 4:

Now slowly exhale into the plastic bottle or TP roll (the way you would with a bubble wand)


Step 5:

Slowly release the bubble from the wand and watch it in awe as it floats in all of its bubble glory


Step 6:

Stand astounded as the bubble bursts naturally (or poke it) and it releases the vapor into the air


*Vaping Fun Fact:

Mix some glycerin (if you happen to have it lying around) with your soapy water

  1. The glycerin will create thicker bubbles so they won’t pop as easily.
  2. This means you can make larger bubbles!

Step 7: 

Practice, practice, practice! And soon you'll be able to do what this guy does below: