Vape Tricks 101: The Vape Halo

Vape Tricks 101 – The Vape Halo

Are you already an expert at creating thick vape o’s and are looking for something more to do with those o’s? Well we have a great new vape trick for you to try! Check out this week’s Vape Tricks 101, The Vape Halo, an easy but still impressive vape trick!


Device Recommended:

Your vapor halo needs a thick ring so that it can be perfectly visible, so use either the INFERNO or LAVATUBE v2.5 while attempting this trick.


What you Need:


eCig Device


Open Area


Minimal to No Wind


Properly Primed Device


First, master your Vape-O Production:


Step 1:

Take a long and easy pull from your device


Step 2:

Make a circle with your mouth much like a fish.


Step 3:

Let the thick vapor slowly come out of your mouth, as this happens:

Hold the vapor in your throat and push only some vapor out. You will need to make a sort of choking noise (as you need to contract your glottis to push the air through your mouth).


Onto the Halo…


Step 4:

Make a thick vape O, make sure that when you blow it out, you blow it in front of you but slightly above your head.


Step 5:

As it lingers in front of you, gently step underneath it. As it starts to descend it will form a halo above your head. Just let it fall on its own pace around your head as you slowly stand up, it may even encircle your entire body during its descent before it dissipates.


Step 6:

Practice, practice, practice!



Check out this gif below demonstrating the steps listed above. Vape on!