Vape Tricks 101 – Vape Bending

Vape Tricks 101 – Vape Bending

Are you a vape-o producing pro? Well check out this week’s trick, which will put your “Vape-O” creation abilities to the test. This week’s Vape Tricks 101 is Vape Bending. A trick that will surely stun everyone at your next get together!


Device Recommended:

To Vape Bend properly you will need a thick puff of vapor so that they can be perfectly visible, we recommend using devices like the INFERNO or LAVATUBE v2.5 while trying this trick.


What you need:


Electronic Cigarette Device


Open Room


Minimal to No Wind


Proper Device Set Up

Follow these steps to ensure your device is ready to make that thick plume of vapor:


Heating element is properly primed (if necessary)


If you are using an atomizer or cartomizer, be sure to check out our heating elements section of our Knowledge Base to be sure you've properly primed your heating element for best results.


eLiquid Level Is Full


Depending on the type of device you choose to use, you'll want to make sure your eliquid levels are full without over filling your tank / atomizer. This way you will be more focused on your trick attempt instead of wondering if you need more e-liquid.


View all 15 ml eliquid bottles > I View all 30 ml eliquid bottles >


Battery is fully charged


Make sure your ecig battery is fully charged to avoid a break during your attempt at creating that thick, very visible vape ring that you will “bend”.


Favorite Drip Tip attached


Because having your favorite drip tip attached is a great way to start this vape trick!


All of the above tasks completed? You are all set for your attempt!


You first need to master the technique for creating a thick Vape O’s:

Step 1:

Take a long and easy pull from your e-cig device


Step 2:

Make a circle with your mouth kind of like a fish.


Step 3:

Let the thick vapor slowly come out of your mouth and as this happens:

Hold the vapor in your throat and push only some vapor out. You will need to make a sort of choking noise (as you need to contract your glottis to push the air through your mouth).


Onto the Vape Bending…


Step 4:

Create a thick Vape O


Step 5:

As it lingers in front of you, gently move your hand behind it and using the air your hand is pushing coax the “o” down, then push it forward.


Step 6:

Practice, practice, practice!


Soon enough you’ll be a vape o bending master! And as you get better and better attempt the trick using both hands and maybe soon you’ll be looking like a super hero!



Check out this video below demonstrating the technique above. Vape on!