Vape Tricks 101: Vapenado

Vape Tricks 101: Vapenado

The Vapenado is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Vapor Tricks and we’ve done our research to teach our fellow Vapers exactly how to create your very own Vapenado. For the Newbies out there, a Vapenado is a vape trick that’ll turn your vapor into what looks like a tornado!

Device Recommended:

Since the Vapenado needs a good amount of vapor to get the full impact of the trick, we recommend using either the INFERNO or LAVATUBE v2.5 while attempting this trick. These devices provide a great amount of vapor that will create a more prominent Vapenado.


eCig Device

Paper Towel Roll (Optional)

Flat Surface

Minimal to No Wind

Step 1: Proper Device Set Up

Before you can make an amazing Vapenado, your ecig must be properly set up and ready to go. Follow these steps to ensure your device is locked and loaded:

Heating element is properly primed (if necessary)

If you are using an atomizer or cartomizer, check out our heating elements section of our Knowledge Base to be sure you've properly primed your heating element for optimal performance.

eLiquid levels are at capacity

Depending on the heating element you choose to use, you'll want to make sure your eliquid levels are full without over filling your heating element. This will allow more time to focus on mastering your vapor trick rather than your eliquid levels. View all 15 ml eliquid bottles > I View all 30 ml eliquid bottles >

Battery is fully charged

Make sure your ecigarette battery is fully charged to prevent a pause or break in the middle of your Vape O eureka moment.

Favorite Drip Tip attached

Having your favorite drip tip locked and loaded will help set the right mood for creating awesome Vape O's. All of the above tasks checked? You are ready to go!

Step 2: Area Selection

Location is everything and in this case, that is very true. To create the best Vapenado, you’ll need to be sure you are in an area with little to no wind to ensure your Vapenado’s form and you want to have a flat surface to act as the platform for your Vapenado.

Step 3: Techniques

When it comes to creating a Vapenado, there are 2 main techniques to pay attention to:

Vapor Set-Up & Placement:

The set-up and placement of your vapor will determine the sharpness of your Vapenado.

Tip 1: Exhale vapor as slow as possible

  • This will prevent vapor from moving too far or vanishing before your trick

Tip 2: Exhale the vapor directly on to a flat surface with as little space between your mouth and the flat surface

  • This is where the paper towel roll comes in handy by placing your mouth on one end of the roll and point the other end of the roll directly over the flat surface with as little space in between.

Tip 3: Once all vapor has been exhaled, make slow and subtle movements.

  • If you move quickly, your vapor will run away.

Hand Placement & Movement:

The placement and movement of your hand can make a difference in your Vapenado’s form.

Tip 1: Keep fingers straight and together.

  • This will look like the classic red hand on the crosswalk light except bring the thumb in.

Tip 2: Slowly bring your hand near the out skirts of the vapor with your hand perpendicular to the flat surface and pinky closest to the flat surface.

  • This is setting you up for proper Vapenado technique.

Tip 3: Following tip 2; make a scooping motion with your hand as if lightly scooping the vapor up.

Step 4: Vapenado Time!

Now that you have the necessities, perfect area and technique it’s Vapenado time! Set-up your camera, play your favorite jam and get your Vapenado on!

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