Vapefarer: The Top 10 Must-Vape The Places in NYC

Vapefarer Journey #3: The Big Apple, NYC

It’s the Big Apple, Manhattan, the Empire City and taking in all of what this island offers in one visit is truly impossible.

New York’s streets have perfectly nurtured all of the different cultures that have settled there and have stirred it up in a vivid, brash, bustling sieve of music, technology, language, news, art, and life that you’ve never seen before. So grab your LAVATUBE and let’s head over to the City that never sleeps!

1.    Central Park:

One of the most iconic sights in New York City, Central Park is a great place to unwind and take some time away from the urban jungle. Although it may seem like a beautiful and natural site, this park is entirely man-made except for a few rock formations.

Much like the City itself, there are many things to be done in this park. You can take a simple stroll wandering in from 59th to check out the talented artists selling their creations along the way. You can visit some animals at Central Park Zoo, ride the carousel or go skating at Wollman rink and after be “king” at Belvedere Castle.

You can be very touristy (so worth it) and ride a horse-drawn carriage up into the middle of the vast park, afterwards see if you can locate the Obelisk at the back of The Met. Lounge around at The Great Lawn where it makes for some great people watching and then wander over to Bow Bridge and reenact a kiss from a romantic film.

Why vape here?

Sitting anywhere in this awe-inspiring park, you may just feel like you are part of a movie, as hundreds of movies have been filmed here.

Suggested Flavor: RY-Four


2.    Metropolitan Museum of Art:

There are some museums out there where you can easily spend an entire day in, but as for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), it could keep you interested for an entire week. The Met is the largest encyclopedic art museum in the world located under one massive roof and is the second most visited museum in the world just after the Louvre.

The magnificent main entrance is located on 82nd and 5th avenue, many patrons lounge on its grandeur staircase enjoying the food from the numerous street carts that line the road nearby. Once you make it inside, you must visit the following: The Greek and Roman galleries full of art and sculptures of the time, the Egyptian Wing which includes actual pieces of the Temple of Dendur, The American Wing, the Arms & Armor showcasing weaponry and armor from many centuries, art and artifacts from ancient civilizations (Oceania, Africa, etc) and much more.

Why vape here?

Lounge around on the spectacular stone steps or maybe even at the Roof Garden at the end of your day here and feel alive with all of the history and culture that you were able to immerse yourself in.

Suggested Flavor: Ono Orange Cream


3.    Grand Central Terminal:

A city under The City. Grand Central Terminal was first opened on February 2, 1913 and has been a mecca of transportation for New Yorkers since then. A magnificent place to explore, with splendid architecture--it is full of underground passages that end in many eateries, shops and railways leading to seemingly everywhere.

Don’t forget to visit the Whispering Gallery (outside the Oyster Bar) where you can whisper a message and your friend will be able to hear it from the other side of the room—the passage of secret messages all thanks to the brilliant archways.

Surely though, you will be stunned and stuck to the floor for a long while marveling at the height and expanse of the concourse in the Grand Hall—also a great place to people watch.

Why vape here?

And you thought the City above was full of hustle and bustle? Pause for a moment and vape in amazement at how much life can flow in this underground city, as they say a lot can happen in a New York minute.

Suggested Flavor: Red Wings


 4.    Statue of Liberty:

Lady Liberty or Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift from France on America’s 100th Birthday. She is the universal symbol of freedom, of the United States and a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from their countries.

Lady Liberty is a beauteous structure composed of copper plates that stands 305 feet tall from her base to the tip of her proudly held torch. You must take a ferry to get to her on Liberty Island, located in Upper New York Bay just south of Ellis Island and though she is located on the New Jersey side of the state line, she is still considered part of New York’s territory.

If you do not mind standing in lines, make the time to climb the winding staircase to make it to her crown, truly an experience that is worth the journey.

Why vape here?

Standing on Liberty Island take a vape while marveling at the grace and solitude of America’s symbol of freedom.

Suggested Flavor: Apple Pie


 5.    American Museum of Natural History:

With so many amazing and detailed exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, you could truly spend a month here with no problem. In whatever hall you find yourself in, you will always be awestruck by everything that you discover.

One of the first things that you will encounter will be the dinosaur skeletons reassembled and standing in their glory. And after the fossil halls which house a collection of fossils that are 80% real specimens, with the rest being casts.

You can learn about the peoples of our past while you wander through the many life-sized dioramas in the Human Origins & Cultural Halls, then trek over to the Biodiversity & Environmental Halls where for a moment you may feel like you aren’t in the City at all but rather in the different environments all amazingly showcased.

Then stop by to visit the life-sized blue whale model hanging in the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life. Even if biodiversity isn’t your thing and the dinos weren’t all that interesting, maybe some sparkling gems and the Ahnighito, the largest iron meteor on display anywhere in the world (weighing 34 tons) might pique your interest in the Hall of Meteorites. And if not, perhaps the spectacular $210 million Rose Center for Earth & Space may be your thing.

Why vape here?

Because, SCIENCE! But seriously, it is in this museum that you will learn so much about our world and the universe beyond it. So take a moment with your ecig and vape at all of the knowledge you were able to glean.

Suggested Flavor: Cherry Lava


6.    The High Line:

A unique aerie nestled above the Meatpacking district is the High Line, a perfect place to getaway and recharge from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Built on the remnants of an old abandoned railway track, this public park is covered in lush horticulture, breath-taking artwork, food vendors, and one-of-a-kind views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson River.

Where else could you sprawl on a plush lawn and run through a bed of wildflowers while yellow cabs whiz around and honk loudly on the street below?

Why vape here?

Just an ethereal experience that you must have and a place you must vape, where else can you visit a park that is built on an old railway?

Suggested Flavor: Grape Escape


 7.    Times Square:

Brave the undulating crowds of tourists and hold your claustrophobia at bay and allow yourself to enjoy the phantasmagoric experience that is Times Square. Full of tourists from all over the world, at all times of the day/night—seriously, you’ll soon find that you too, are drawn to the bright neon lights and the busy, busy atmosphere this Manhattan hub has to offer.

Though the area is the tourist trap, with the many flagrant displays of American consumerism—you will still be captivated by the energy, the flashy ads, the giant television screens all around you and the honking of cabs and the screeches of tires and the yelling New Yorker who doesn’t understand exactly why you need to gawk at the scenery around you—all culminates into the orchestra that is the Big Apple.

One great place to sit and observe the chaotic scenery is to find a seat on the illuminated red steps located above the TKTS booth—here you can sit back and gape at the hordes fighting their way through the bright city lights.

Why vape here?

Take a seat on the red steps of the TKTS booth and people watch as you vape from your LAVATUBE—mostly because it is the only area you can get away from the outrageous crowds of tourists and watch the spectacle both terrifying and marvelous.

Suggested Flavor: BlueWater Punch


 8.    9/11 Memorial & Museum:

Pay your respects at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum honoring those who perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993.

The museum tells the story of the events of the attack through artifacts that go from immense to intimate—with first hand accounts in vocal and media displays. The memorial has two massive pools inset within the original footprints of the Twin Towers with 30-foot waterfalls cascading inside.

There are nearly 3,000 names of men, women, and children whom were killed in the attacks inscribed into the bronze walls surrounding the Memorial pools. Inside, you will see the historic “Survivors’ Stairs”, the staircase where hundreds were able to escape with their lives, it is still in its original spot as it survived the collapse.

In an immense and silent chamber the profiles of the many victims of the attack will have you bearing witness to the suffering of a loss of a loved one due to a meaningless act of terrorism.

Why vape here?

We as a nation all truly felt the impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After taking the time to remember all whom were lost, take a moment to yourself and marvel at the architecture honoring the ones who gave and lost their lives on that fateful day.

Suggested Flavor: Tobacco Pure


 9.    Greenwich Village (The West Village):

Like a little town inside a big city, Greenwich Village or The Village is a charming residential neighborhood full of quaint tree-lined streets with historic buildings. It is full of cozy, hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants, art galleries and many interesting people.

Definitely a great place to get away from the city noise. Make sure you stop by Washington Square Park, a prime people-watching spot. It is always alive with musicians and streets artists, old men sitting around stone chess boards waiting for their next victim, skateboarders learning new tricks under the 1895 Washington Arch, a modest homage to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

There are many streets in New York that have garnered a good reputation and Bleecker Street in the Village is one of the best. This street runs through Soho, Greenwich and New York University’s campus and walking down it you will find many restaurants, bars, boutiques and plenty of lower Manhattan charm.

The one place you must visit while venturing here? The Magnolia Bakery (the original one) and grab yourself one of their iconic cupcakes and for a moment feel like a true New Yorker.

Why vape here?

All the culture this eclectic neighborhood has to offer is surely one you will never forget, so as you walk down Bleecker, trying to find your way to John’s Pizza, enjoy a refreshing vape and you may just feel like you truly belong.

Suggested Flavor: Shark’s Clove


10.  Brooklyn Bridge:

Not just a connector between two pieces of land separated by a body of water, the Brooklyn Bridge is an exquisite reminder of New York’s architectural modernization. A marvel of design and engineering when it was first opened in 1883; at the time it was the first bridge to cross the East River and the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Today it attracts thousands of tourists and New Yorkers alike who enjoy taking a stroll on its over a mile long expanse and along the way the views of Lower Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, and Governors Island, and other city landmarks you will see are quite the extra treat itself (especially during sunset).

Its beautiful brick towers and Gothic-styled arches have been the backdrops of many photographs and have been featured in movies like The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. You can even bring a “love” lock to attach to the bridge as many lovers of long past have done before you. But make sure you watch out for the cyclists because the line between the pedestrian path and the bikers’ path is quite thin!

Why vape here?

Enjoy the scenery as you vape while taking a lazy walk down this historical monument, the City seen from the Brooklyn Bridge is always like the City seen for the first time.

Suggested Flavor: Choconilla Haze


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