Vapefarer: The Top 10 Must Vape There Places on Oahu

Vapefarer Journey #1: Oahu, Hawaii 

Many of us have chosen that road which is most traveled. We’ve secured that job and are slowly pooling our checks into that 401K. We’ve accepted the corner office with the grayed view of the streets and bustling city below.

But sometimes in between the hectic day to day, the deadlines and the listless Facebook creeping—we find our minds drifting to that exotic market in Marakech or running our hands through the glistening phosphorescent waters of the Maldives. It’s at that moment when you begin to wonder why you have settled for the 9 to 5.     

Until the day you decide to drop everything and book that ticket to anywhere—here is a blog series that will take you through those places you’ve dreamed of visiting and why you should vape there—and just maybe it will incite you to pick up your ecigarette, pack your bag and satiate that wanderlust you’ve been restraining for so long.

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Kaena Point State Park:

This breathtaking location is at the very end of Mokuleia where the road dead-ends. This trail follows an unpaved road with many small seaward paths that branch off to the ocean that lead to secluded sandy coves and huge breath-taking wide open spaces. Be prepared to see some great Hawaiian wildlife along the way.

  • Why vape here? Because you may be lucky enough to see some Hawaiian Monk seals, sea lions, Albatross and other sea birds that nest at the sanctuary portion of this hike.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Bluewater Punch


Dole Plantation:

Yes, most will tell you this place is a tourist trap—but it’s just one of those things that you do when you are on Oahu. But most people come by because of the Dole Whip, the pineapple ice cream that even locals cannot get enough of. If you have time walk through the World’s Largest Maze (shaped like a pineapple) and maybe even take a ride on the Dole Train and see some pineapples growing in the “wild”.

  • Why vape here? After a long day of driving around the North Shore, Dole Plantation is surely a great place to take a rest and vape.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Pineapple Punch


Maunawili Falls Hike:

Make sure you bring your machete for this one—just kidding. But honestly walking through this dense hiking trail will make you feel like you are living a scene from Lost. Wear your old sneakers because this trail is muddy and make sure your LAVATUBE is secured with a lanyard!

But the slippery, not well-marked trails are surely worth the waterfall at the end. And being surrounded by the beams of sunlight breaking through the thick green canopy of the trees way above you, the singing birds, the tropical flowers and wild fruits—is quite an ethereal atmosphere.

  • Why vape here? When you are tired, hot, sweaty and covered in bug spray at the end—there is a cool and refreshing waterfall to greet you with a pool that is deep enough for you to jump into. And after that revitalizing dive into the water, relax and vape while those daredevils take dives from the 40-foot ledge above.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Halawa Guava


Banzai Pipeline (`Ehukai Beach Park):

A beautiful, quiet beach nestled on the North Shore of Oahu. If you want to watch the talented and brave surfers of the North Shore, this is the place to go. Although the best time would be during the winter when the famed giant surf is truly up.

  • Why vape here? Though this is not the place to go swimming, a few minutes sitting in this white sand, you’ll get lost in the intensity of the surfers weaving in and out of Mother Nature’s fury—a serene place to vape.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Banzai Bannana


Mokuauia (Goat Island):

You can walk to Goat Island quite easily as two currents converge to make you a calm path through the ocean waves. But if you do decide on this unforgettable trek, make sure you wear proper reef shoes as the coral here can be sharp at certain points.

This isn’t just another day at the beach—though you will get that too. When you get to the little island, it is surely a day to remember, as you find yourself at a secluded, quiet blue cove and if you are lucky, the serenity of having the island to yourself, with a few birds here and there.

  • Why vape here? Because for a moment, you may just feel like you are on your own private island.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Hana Honeydew


Makapuu Tide Pools:

You will need some comfortable shoes for this trek, because after an easy walk up half of the Makapuu Lookout Trail in order to get to the unique Tide Pools you must be able to clamber down the side of a cliff.  But the struggle is all worth it because you will be met with the prize of being able to swim in the crystal clear water of the tide pools.

And be greeted with more colorful and tropical fish than Hanauma Bay has to offer and what’s even better is that normally there are only a handful of people here at a time.

  • Why vape here? Not many know or want to brave the hike down and back up again. This is one of the most un-touristy places that you can visit on this island. And certainly is a unique place to vape.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Pearadise


Electric Beach:

A lot of people say the best place to go snorkeling is Hanauma Bay, but they have been misinformed. As the best place to go snorkeling is a not well known spot named Electric Beach located on the West side of Oahu. So named because of the electric plant that is seated across the street from the beach.

This plant pumps out warm water in two huge pipes straight out into the ocean and it is these two pumps that you can thank for the abundant sea life which grace these waters. You should be aware that as soon as you swim out of the cove you are in deep ocean water, at any given point it is 20-40 feet all around you.

Once you get past the worry of sharks coming your way, you will see all the other beautiful sea life here. There are always schools of wild dolphins playing in the waters, lots of humuhumunukunukuapua`as (Hawaiian triggerfish), so many different colorful tropical fish, and if you are really lucky, the Hawaiian sea turtle may just swim past. Truly an experience worth having.

  • Why vape here? After you come back in from taking a swim in the fishbowl, take a energizing cool vape and feel lucky that you were able to experience sea life at its finest.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Grape Escape


Lyon Arboretum:

Quite the gentle jungle, Lyon Arboretum is Hawaii’s rainforest at its best. There are a network of trails (one that leads to a waterfall) that will allow you to meander amongst the colorful tropical plants and thick green canopy of the trees.

Walk to Inspiration Point and be met with a green grassy hill that offers spectacular views of the mountains. Though the waterfall is small, it is still beautiful and your hike up to it will surround you in the sounds of a gurgling creek with a chorus of Hawaii’s tropical birds as your soundtrack to inspire a sense of true peace and happiness.

  • Why vape here? Bask in the splendor of Hawaii’s rainforest as you take a long and relaxing vape.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Kawika’s Kiwi


Waimea Bay Beach:

One of the most beautiful beaches of the North Shore, the white sand and the waters are clear, pristine and inviting.  Though often there are many people who grace these sands, it’s big enough that you will surely find a good spot to rest.

Will you be brave enough to climb the big rocks and jump into the water? Find your courage because the experience is worth it!

  • Why vape here? Would you be brave enough to climb to the top of the rocks and jump in? If you are it will make your vape all the more satisfying.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Maui Mango


Koko Head Crater Hike:

This hike is not for the faint of heart or ones with weak knees, as it will have you climbing all the way up to the top of a volcanic crater on an old railway.  Once you work past the feeling that you are going to pass out as you climb up and the burning of your knees and thighs, you will be blessed with the greatest feeling of accomplishment as you reach the top of this trail.

And suddenly your feeling of impending exhaustion is quickly replaced with relief, peace and true solitude. That is not even the best part, it is the 360 degree view that is the true prize, especially if you do this hike before the sunrise—the view of the sun rising from up there is extraordinary.

  • Why vape here? After making the accomplishment of getting to the top, you deserve a nice vape break as you view the island below.
  • Suggested eLiquid Flavor: Kona Coffee


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