Vapefarer: The Top 10 Places to Vape in Los Angeles

Vapefarer Journey #4: Los Angeles, California

The Top 10 Must-Vape There Places In The City of Angels

Tinseltown captivates tourists from all around who are entranced by the glamor of the Hollywood lights. Come with us as we tour some movie studios, place your hands in the prints at the TCL Chinese Theater, be star struck while you saunter down Rodeo Drive, or see some real stars at Mount Wilson Observatory and maybe for a moment forget about celebrity eye candy as you lose yourself at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. So come on grab your LAVATUBE and join us on our next journey to the City of Angels—Los Angeles, California.  

1.    Hollywood Walk of Fame & TCL Chinese Theatre:

One of Hollywood’s most iconic sites The Walk of Fame and the TCL Chinese Theatre represents the Golden Age of Hollywood when an ostentatiously designed movie theatre was the norm. You can tour the theatre where you will learn some great facts on movie premieres held in the past or you can just see a current movie and can say that you did. And while you are waiting for your movie to start, you can take a nice stroll on the Hollywood Walk of fame where hundreds of movie stars have left their handprints and signatures all along the sidewalk. If you have time for a longer walk continue along the Walk of Fame, which runs east to west for 1.3 miles on Hollywood Boulevard from North Gower Street to North La Brea Avenue. Currently the Walk has 2,518 stars representing 5 different performance categories (Motion Pictures, Broadcast Television, Music, Broadcast Radio, & Theatre/Live Performance).

Why vape here?

Brave the crowds of rowdy tourists find your favorite movie star’s handprints and vape in honor of their brilliant acting prowess.

Suggested Flavor: Shark’s Clove


2. Shop on Rodeo Drive:

Where you can imagine yourself as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on her lavish shopping spree, Rodeo Drive is known to be the most upscale shopping venue in Beverly Hills. The stores featured are designer and small private boutiques. A great place to go celebrity spotting, most of the shoppers here are wealthy and shielded behind their sunglasses. While you are walking around don’t forget to check out the $200 million pseudo European cobbled street, as you will surely see some rare and expensive vehicles.

Why vape here?

Because it is a great place to take a break at one of the ritzy cafes that line this famous street and take a vape while you look out for some celebrities hidden behind their huge sunglasses.

Suggested Flavor: Cherry Lava


3. Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

LACMA has been open since 1965 and has showcased many shifting exhibits from Islamic artifacts to European impressionist paintings and a vast modern art collection. The museum also has 20 acres of gardens with unique displays of architecture along the way. Though you may have wanted to stop by because of the Cezannes or the Picasso’s the LACMA currently houses, we suggest that you go by in the evening as well and be entranced by Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation which is composed of 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps.

Why vape here?

Because vaping within the Urban Light installation after dark would make for one ethereal photo op.

Suggested Flavor: Ono Orange Cream


4. Mount Wilson Observatory:

Where you can discover the universe, Mount Wilson Observatory is located in the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains. Taking the time to stop by in this location will give you the opportunity to learn about astronomy and the geographical history of the area. Depending on the day being high up in the mountain will give you a great vantage point on the rest of the mountain range and the city of L.A. way below. Come in the evening with a few friends and you can book an after-dark session on the observatory’s 60-inch telescope, for some real star gazing.

Why vape here?

Feel one with the universe while you stargaze and vape at this area far removed from Tinseltown.

Suggested Flavor: Menthol Burst


5. Studio Tours:

Walk through those giant doors and get a chance to peek into the sound stages and sets of LA’s plethora of movie studios. You will soon discover that almost everything is filmed in an LA studio, from an East Coast suburban street block, an alien planet-scape, or an enigmatic sci-fi vessel—those are all backdrops, sets and soundstages in these many studios. So pencil in the time to learn the secrets behind the scenes at the big studios which are open to public tours: Paramount Pictures Studio, Sony Pictures Studio, Universal Studio, and don’t forget Warner Bros. Studio.

Why vape here?

After learning about all the secrets behind those action sci-fi flicks you love you’ll probably find yourself vaping and wondering just how much set versus natural scenery there was in that last blockbuster you saw.

Suggested Flavor: BlueWater Punch


6. Bar Marmont:

Located in the famous hotel Chateau Marmont, this Bar Marmont’s atmosphere is reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood. The décor is exquisite and enchanting, with darkened eclectic nooks brandished with a wide variety of décor ranging from French Chateau and the Old Hollywood style with touches of Baroque. The entrance is quite breathtaking with high ceilings and a skylight lined with overhanging plants and yet still offers a feel of coziness with lovely velvet cushioned chairs and polished wooden tables. There is a sunken room that is elegant with a classic oak bar adorned with fringed crimson hanging lights and pinned metallic butterflies line its ceiling. Romantic and bewitching to say the least.

Why vape here?

First ask if you can vape inside and if so, take a vape and pretend for a moment that you are in Hollywood’s Golden Age in this exemplary LA watering hole.

Suggested Flavor: Choconilla Haze


7. The Hollywood Sign:

The most iconic site in LA and considered an American cultural icon, the Hollywood Sign is what people think of if someone mentions LA or Hollywood in conversation. It is situated on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains; Originally created in 1923 as an advertisement for real estate development in the hills it was left up after it garnered increasing recognition—originally only meant to be left up for less than two years, it still stands proudly to this day over 90 years later. It actually read Hollywoodland, until “Land” was removed in order to reflect the district and not the housing development. One of the biggest LA mysteries is how to get as close as possible to this sign but remember that you are not actually allowed to hike to the sign itself. As this area is private property completely fenced off and park rangers will surely confront you if they find you there. Also there are rumors that this area is haunted so best not to test it. Click here for some great places to safely view the Hollywood Sign in all its glory.

Why vape here?

Standing from the perfect vantage point, do you think you could capture a photo of yourself hiding the Hollywood Sign behind a cloud of vapor?

Suggested Flavor: Pearadise


8. Santa Monica Pier:

The focal point of Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica Pier has the quintessential coastal thrill rides at Pacific Park with lively street acts. A free entry to the pier offers great food choices and many attractions like a colorful Ferris wheel, classic fairground games, cotton candy stands, arcades, and a long boardwalk for a casual stroll or maybe some mid-afternoon roller-skating. One fun-fact is that this beach also served as the backdrop for the popular television show “Baywatch”.

Why vape here?

Take in the rides, the eclectic gathering of people, and the backdrop of a beautiful beach as you take it slow for one day and just relax and vape.


Suggested Flavor: Pina Volada


9. Griffith Park:

Griffith Park spans over 4000 acres you can definitely get lost in LA’s largest public park. This park actually remains quite unchanged from how it was when Native Americans had first settled there, you can view the untouched natural chaparral that covered most of California’s hills and valleys before urbanization took over. In this park is the famous LA Zoo, train buffs will love Travel Town that contains dozens of old locomotives on display. And when you have time there is also Griffith Observatory, a great art deco construction of itself but is also a great museum for astronomy and earth science and don’t forget to check out the Tesla coil exhibit—quite a spectacular must see.

Why vape here?

With so many great places to hike and sites to see just in this park itself, you are going to need to take a break for a vape!

Suggested Flavor: Mauna Dew


10. Sunset Boulevard:

Sunset Boulevard is one thoroughfare that is practically an American Icon in itself; it is a world-renowned street and one that lives up to the legends and hypes. It served as a perfect representation of the glamorous lifestyle that Hollywood’s Golden Age offered and has been featured in many films, like the classic “Sunset Boulevard”. Driving down the palm-tree lined street, you will still feel like you are in a movie and the portion of the street known, as “Sunset Strip” is quite a popular nightlife spot.

Why vape here?

Rent a convertible car, put on your sunglasses and cruise down this famous boulevard as you let your vape clouds roll behind you; and you never know someone may just mistake you for a celebrity.

Suggested Flavor: RY-Four