Vaper's Dictionary


From the day you became a Vaper till now, you may have encountered some terms that left you confused.

This is common because a lot of the terms used in the vaper community are only used in the vaping community. Behold, the vaper's dictionary.


Heating Elements

Heating Element

- The part of your eCig set-up that does the heating when you activate your battery; such as your atomizer, cartomizer, tankomizers, heating coils, etc.

Atomizer (aka Atty)

- A device for emitting water, perfume, or other liquids as a fine spray or vapor in this case. Such as the INFERNO Low-Resistance Atomizer.

Cartomizer (aka Carto)

- A combination of cartridge and an atomizer that is part of an electronic cigarette. Some are blank (with no eliquid) like our Magma Blank Cartomizers and some have eliquid pre-filled in them like our Magma Pre-filled Cartomizers.

Clearomizer (aka Clearo) - A cartomizer with a clear casing allowing you to see all that is inside.

BCT TubeTank

- A tank system with a bottom feeding heating coil submerged in eliquid; BCT stands for Bottom Coil Tank.

Heating Coil

- It is a resistive wire wrapped in a coil used to vaporize eliquid, similar to a coil on the stovetop; similar to our TubeTank BCT Heating Coils.

Tankomizer (aka Tanko)

- A heating element used in conjunction with blank tanks that acts as a cartomizer but with a different anatomy.



Cartridges (aka Carts)

- A cap with polyfill (cotton like material) in it that will be placed on an atomizer after being saturated with eliquid.

Tankomizer Tanks

- Also called blank tanks, is a small plastic reservoir that holds and feeds eliquid to a Tankomizer System.

Drip Tip

- Is a mouthpiece specifically made with a bigger hole for dripping eliquid through. Commonly used as a mouthpiece.


- Also called juice, is the flavored liquid, with or without nicotine, that is used for vaping.

O-Rings/BCT Seal

- Usually a silicone like ring that is usually placed on a heating element to help prevent leaking. For example, our INFERNO O-Rings.

Charging Cord

- When this term is used it is in regards to the cord that is attached to your battery for charging. For example, the Mini USB Cord and the Super Battery Charging Adapter for the INFERNO.


- A ring that conceals the connection of the battery and heating element.

IMR 18650 Battery

- A type of lithium battery that has the added benefit of stability and power discharge and varies in amount of mAH like our AW IMR High Drain 18650 Rechargeable LIMN Battery (1600 mAH).

PCC (Personal Charging Case)

- A case that charges and stores your eCig set up. For example, the Magma Pack


Milligram (mg)

- One thousandth of a gram.

Milliliters (ml)

- One thousandth of a liter (0.002 pint). This form of measurement is usually used in the eCig Industry to describe how much eliquid is in a bottle.


- The measurement of resistance in an electrical circuit.


- A measure of electrical power expressed in watts. Most devices and batteries have a certain set voltage, while some of them actually are variable voltage meaning you can pick the voltage at which you vape at, like the LAVATUBE.


- An electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts. Most devices and batteries have a certain set voltage, while some of them are variable voltage meaning you can pick the Voltage at which you vape at, like the LAVATUBE.

mAH (aka Milliampere-hours)

- a capacity rating that measures how much current a battery will discharge over a specified period of time (typically a one hour period).


- A force that opposes electrical charge; it's what determines the amount of heat going through the coil.



Mouth Piece

- This is the piece that your mouth goes on when using your eCig set up such as a Drip Tip.

510 Connection

- A specific size of connection (threading) on a heating element or battery/device. This is the most universal connection and all VOLCANO devices are a 510 connection.


- When this term is used in regards to electronic cigarettes, it's referring to the connection between the heating element and the battery or device.


- A chemical compound that is commonly used in batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries

- A type of lightweight battery that has high power density and can be recharged anytime.


- Is another method to vape, which the user drips eliquid directly onto an atomizer, placing your mouthpiece or drip tip over the atomizer to vape.

Dry Puff

- Vaping without activating your eCig. Commonly done to draw eliquid onto the heating element to "wick" the atomizer so there is no buring of the heating element. 

Dry Burn

- Activating the heating element to get rid of any residual eliquid without vaping. This cannot be done with cartomizer heating elements. 

Activation button

- The button you press on your battery or device that activates the battery which then activates the heating element if attached.


- A technique used to prep certain heating elements before regular use. Usually done when the heating element is new and has not been regularly used.

PG (Propylene Glycol)

- Chemically, propylene glycol is a colorless and clear form of mineral oil that is liquid at room temperature. It does exist in vapor form, but it either has to be forcefully shaken or heated in order to sublimate it into vapor. It's produced by the fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates of propylene oxide, because of this when it is used in foods PG is considered a carbohydrate. View our What is Propylene Glycol blog > for further details.

Air Inlet (weeping hole)

- A small hole located on products like our Tube Tank Refill Cartomizers or Tube Tank BCT Heating Coils that allows eliquid to flow from tank to coil.

Throat Hit

The feeling that vaper's feel in the back of their throat when vapor is inhaled. Some consider this to be a major component in the overall vaping experience.