VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Dean

My name is Dean and I have been vaping with VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes for about 3 years now!

Before vaping, I had smoked for more than 30 years with enjoyment. I made a couple of attempts to find an alternative to smoking with no success until I had walked by the VOLCANO kiosk in Windward Mall. I was lucky enough to talk to the manager Scott who gave me all the information I needed to use an eCcg as an alternative for smoking cigarettes. And 3 years later, hear I am, strictly vaper!

My favorite VOLCANO eCig product and current set up is The INFERNO with the new INFERNO BCT TubeTank along with my favorite eliquid flavors Lolo Lime, Mauna Dew & Red Wings! With strictly vaping, I have saved a lot of money which goes to the family.

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I currently use the 16mg eliquid and eventually would like to get down to the 0mg eliquid but am not planning on quitting vaping because I love all the VOLCANO eliquid flavors! As an ex-smoker, I would encourage anyone thinking about making the switch to go for it! It was surprisingly easy for me and everyone that I got to switch too. My overall experience with VOLCANO eCigs, their customer service and products is DA BEST!