VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Ed


Although I had enjoyed smoking for 15 years and had no plans of finding an alternative, I started the hunt for my wife and pet birds that would rather me not smoke traditional cigarettes.

It was hard trying to find something that could still give me what I wanted but also give my wife and pet birds what they wanted too. That’s when I stumbled upon VOLCANO ecigs in 2012, which was the perfect smoking alternative that could not only satisfy me but my loved ones as well. Not to mention their staff which has to be the nicest and most helpful people I have meet in the eCig industry.

I started off using the MAGMA starter kit, which was very enjoyable, and a great intro into vaping with an ecigarette. After I was more used to vaping, I found myself enjoying all of the VOLCANO ecig products including the LAVATUBE and the INFERNO ecigarette. With having all 3 ecigs and devices, I was able to properly set myself up for the day depending on what I had going on. Even with their wide variety of e-liquid, I have grown fond of the Cherry Lava eliquid with Bluewater Punch, Hana Honeydew and Sweet Tart falling close behind.

With making the switch to vaping, I now save about $30 - $50 a week that goes to everything from bills, groceries and the occasional treat for wife, my pet birds and me. I have no plans at the moment to stop vaping because I enjoying it and I no longer have to worry about my loved ones being unhappy with me smoking.

If you are on the fence about making the switch, I’ve been there. Although the starting investment seems high, if you stick with it you will see the reoccurring savings in the future.

During my time as a Vaper, I have definitely seen changes within the eCig industry locally and nationally. When I first started vaping, it seemed like I was the only one. Now it’s normal to see fellow Vapers here in Gulf Breeze, FL with ecig in hand. It’s always a great feeling to see a fellow Vaper cause I now how they feel.