VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Emily

Customer of the Week - Emily

“I was skeptical at first with the whole electronic cigarette thing. I mean, why use an ecig when I can smoke a real cigarette!” 

Even with her skepticism of the ecigarette, she gave it a try.Emily smoked traditional cigarettes for more than 3 years and wasn’t looking for an alternative. It was her boyfriend who introduced her to the ecigarette by buying her an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit of her own. 

Over the length of a year, Emily went back and forth with using her ecig and smoking traditional cigarettes. “The transition to making the switch was a little hard.” It wasn’t until her boyfriend asked her, “Have you noticed that you haven’t had a cigarette all day today?” Emily didn’t even realize she had gone the whole day without smoking a traditional cigarette. At that point, she became a vaper.

With only working part-time at Ruby Tuesday’s, Emily was very happy to find out that she was saving more than $200 a month. She couldn’t believe how much money she was spending on cigarettes a week let alone a month. When we asked Emily what she did with all that extra cash, she said, “I go shopping!” In the end, Emily is happy she turned her 1 pack a day habit into her shopping fund.

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Being a busy young woman, Emily found that after making the switch she not only had more money but also had more time too. “When I was smoking cigarettes I would have to take a lot of smoke breaks!” Like most of us, we don’t realize just how much time we use to smoke. Making the switch has given Emily those extra hours in a day that we all wish for.

“I really love how durable my INFERNO BCT Tube Tank is! We’ve had many other tanks that would break within the first week.” Since Emily loves her INFERNO and BCT Tank System, she made sure she had more than one color of both the BCT Tube Tanks and batteries as back ups and to accessorize. Not only does she have great taste in products but also eliquid flavors as well with Menthol Burst being the only eliquid she uses now. “I used to try out all different types of flavors but now that I have found Menthol Burst, nothing else can compare!”

Refilling my BCT Tube Tank is a lot easier than I thought.” With the refilling being very easy and Emily’s boyfriend helping her out with the cleaning and maintenance of her INFERNO BCT System, she can rest be assured that her ecig is always good to go.

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As vapers, we tend to naturally share our experiences with our friends and families because we are excited about making the switch. Although Emily was happy about making the switch, she noticed that a lot of people were starting to ask her about making the switch before she had the chance to tell them. “We’ve already gotten a couple of our family members to make the switch but have started to notice that there are a lot more people making the switch now than when we did about 2 years ago.”

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