VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Gregory

As an active duty Motor Vehicle Operator, Gregory started smoking far from home. “I started smoking about two years ago when I was up in Afghanistan.”

He smoked one pack of tobacco cigarettes a day but soon enough started looking for an alternative. He asked his doctor for some recommendations with one of them being acupuncture.  “Although acupuncture was nice, it didn’t quite cut it.” 

Gregory purchased his very first ecigarette starter kit from our NEX kiosk. Although there were many options to choose from, he chose to go with the LAVATUBE v2.5 Starter Kit along with the Halawa Guava eliquid. “Learning to use my LAVATUBE was pretty easy but getting used to troubleshooting and fixing it was a little more difficult.” He said the representatives at the NEX kiosk were always ready and willing to help explain how to do things and assist in fixing an issue when he had one.

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Since Gregory is able to vape his ecig while he works, he saves a lot of time. “At work, you have to walk about a mile to smoke in the designated smoking area. Making the switch to vaping has saved me A LOT of time considering I no longer have to walk a mile just to smoke a cigarette!” He may have lost the extra daily exercise from walking a mile everytime he wanted to smoke a cigarette but gained more time in his day to fit in a workout and some fun too!

Gregory was saving a lot time but more importantly he was saving even more money. “I used to spend about $55 a week on cigarettes. Now that I’ve made the switch to vaping, I’m only spending about $20 - $30 a month on eliquid and other accessories.” That’s over $150 that can now go towards bills and some fun on a rainy day.

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Excited about all of the money and time he was saving, Gregory found it easy to share his experience with others even with being a shy guy. “I let a couple of my friends test my LAVATUBE out the other day.  They’re all interested in getting one for themselves now.” He even plans on getting his dad an ecigarette to help him make the switch and save some money too.

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