VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Ian


After being intrigued by a friend’s ecigarette, Ian made a trip down to our NEX kiosk after work to find out a little more about our products and what VOLCANO eCigs had to offer.

Instead of just leaving with a better understanding of ecigs, Ian also left with his very first LAVATUBE v2.5 Starter Kit. “Being new to the ecig world, the VOLCANO eCigs representatives were extremely helpful in explaining how to properly use my new ecig device.”

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Even though Ian has been working as a Rigger Diver at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard for 14 years and was active duty before that, there was still a slight learning curve when it came to using an electronic cigarette. “I haven’t had any big mistakes yet.” With consistant use and tips from the VOLCANO eCigs representatives, Ian has been able to properly use his ecig but still comes in on his lunch breaks if he has an issue avoiding those big mistakes.

Ian is unable to vape in or around his work area so he gets his vape on right next to his buddies while they smoke in the designated smoking area. “I get a lot of funny looks.” With those funny looks comes questions and Ian is more than happy to share more about his vaping experience so far. “I always make sure to refer them to VOLCANO eCigs to give it a try!”

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“I’ve been vaping Waikiki Watermelon for a while now and am excited to get into other eliquid flavors!” Feeling like a mouse in a cheese shop, Ian is happy he is able to test out eliquid before buying to ensure he‘ll enjoy it. Who knows, maybe an occupation as a Mixologist is in his future.

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