VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Jason

What is your name?

Hello, my name is Jason and I'm a vape-aholic.

How long have you been vaping and how long have you been a Volcanoecigs customer?

My wife and I started in February this year and have used Volcano ever since. We tried a few other brands years ago, but was never satisfied until we tried the INFERNO ecigarette.

What is your current setup?

Currently we have 4 LAVATUBEs with Tube Tanks between the 2 of us. We need back ups, just in case. We also have 2 INFERNO ecigarette sets because we need back ups for the back ups.

What is your favorite product and flavor from Volcanoecigs?

LAVATUBE ecigarette with Tube Tank. I usually use BlueWater Punch e-liquid mixed with Menthol Burst e-liquid, but I always try different flavors.

What made you decide to make the switch and how has vaping changed your life?

We both wanted to quit smoking to be healthier and save money. Originally, we were gonna ween ourselves off from smoking to vaping until we could quit. Now we love vaping so much, I just don't see us stopping any time soon.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation?

We both have taken a few drags after a month or so. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! It was like licking an ashtray. I can't believe I smoked for so long and never thought that before. I smell people that smoke a mile away. I'm never going back to that again.

Has vaping helped you cut down on smoking costs? What do you do with the extra money?

We save a bunch of money because we don't smoke anymore, but we eat better food now and well... There go the savings. Anywho, we are happier now anyway.

What are your goals with vaping? Do you plan to quit entirely or remain a vaper?

My goal is to see how many times I can win the honor of being "Customer of the week" I'm gonna be a vaper for life.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about switching to vaping?

You will save money and smell better. Guaranteed or your money back. Seriously though, just try it. Vaping does have a different throat hit and priming cartos took getting used to. Just stick with it, you will be glad you did.