VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Jill


After 50 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes, Jill decided that she was done and started looking for something to help her make the switch.

After numerous attempts with other types of products, she found the perfect fit with ecigarettes. “Not one analog has touched my lips since day one. I really like vaping now!”

With her INFERNO eCig Starter Kit coming only three days after she placed her order, she was able to make the switch completely, quicker than she thought.

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“I started saving money right away even with being a heavier vaper.” Being a heavy ex-smoker, Jill was lucky enough to have had a smooth transition to vaping. She was even luckier to have had a smooth transition to immediately saving money cold turkey. With her extra money she was able to spoil Tiger-Lily, her cat, and purchase every kitchen appliance known to man in the color red. “Next I’m buying a scooter. Vroom!”

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Jill made the switch with our INFERNO ecig and is still repping it with her stainless steel lanyard and upgraded BCT System. “My BCT is always with me.” With crisp flavor and serious vapor production, she is able to enjoy her new favorite eliquid, Butterscotch. “My all time favorite eliquid flavors are Kona Coffee, Milk Chocolate, RY-Four and now Butterscotch!” When Jill wants a little kerpow in her vape, she will add one or two drops of our Menthol Burst.

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When we fall in love with a certain product, it’s only natural that we share with others. Jill finds herself sharing everyday with people she knows and even strangers that approach her intrigued by her ecigarette. “I’m always prepared with VOLCANO eCigs cards to give out to everyone that asks about my ecig.”

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