VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Johnlott


If you have ever been to our VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafe in Ewa Beach, Hawaii- you have definitely seen and maybe had the pleasure of meeting our featured customer this week, Johnlott.

With the cafe being his home away from home, you’ll find him chilling at the cafe, getting his vape on and making new friends daily.

“It was a rough transition in making the switch to vaping but I’m glad I did it.” Johnlott explains as he vapes on his Gold LAVATUBE and Tube Tank set-up. He had been smoking for 40 years before he found VOLCANO and officially made the switch. 9 months as a Vaper has saved him more than $1,000 not to mention the stress from spending so much on tobacco cigarettes.

Johnlott found that making the switch made everything better. “Makes me feel better especially in my pocket!

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With his fair share of accidents, Johnlott is known for taking care of his ecig device daily with regularly cleaning it, keeping it in a safe area and properly using and vaping. “I dropped my first LAVATUBE in water and had to wait 2 weeks to buy a new one! It was a rough 2 weeks but I’m proud to say that I did not fall off the wagon, not even once!”

Always making sure that his Tube Tank cartomizer is primed on the spot at the cafe, he is able to vape his favorite eliquid, Hana Honeydew.

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Since the VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafe is usually his last stop of the day, he has fallen in love with a couple of items on the menu such as his favorite Kona Mocha Frappe. “They usually run out of Mocha when I’m here!” Johnlott’s favorite food item on the Signature Sandwich menu would be ‘The Build’ where he challenges the VOLCANO Staff to build a sandwich consisting of pastrami, turkey, avocado and about 5 other ingredients to satisfy his newly active taste buds.

With Johnlott’s ‘sharing is caring’ attitude, he often comes to his second home bearing gifts of ono (delicious) goods and at the least, smiles & laughter. Having been raised to always help others who need it, he can’t help but share and encourage everyone he knows to make the switch to vaping, just like he did.

“It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t at least share!”

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