VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Julie


With more than 30 years of smoking under her belt, Julie had no intentions of stopping even after her daughter gifted her with an INFERNO e-Cig Starter Kit.

“I tried the ecig for a little but didn’t adjust to it right away. I ended up putting it away and grabbing a cigarette.”

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Julie’s INFERNO was on her shelf for a year before she gave it a second try. “One year and more than 1,000 packs of cigarettes later, I decided I was ready to give vaping a second chance.” With the assistance of the Sales Associates at our Windward Mall kiosk, Julie was able to start off on the right track and start her journey of making the switch.

After many other attempts to make the switch, Julie found success with her INFERNO ecig. “I was surprised at how fast I was able to make the switch the second time around!” On her 3rd week of vaping, Julie smoked only 1 tobacco cigarette. On her 4th week of vaping, she completely made the switch to vaping. This was a victory celebrated by Julie along with her whole family.

As a smoker, Julie brought another meaning to heavy smoking going through 3 packs a day. After making the switch to vaping, Julie saved more than $8,000 a year! “With all of my savings, we’re saving up to travel once my husband retires.” Julie’s days of burning through money are now long gone.

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Once Julie became a full time Vaper, everything got easier. She was able to work more efficiently since she didn’t have to stop for a smoke break anymore and also gained hours of her day back to spend with her family. “I didn’t realize just how much time smoking took from my everyday life. It feels good to have the extra time to spend with my family versus being outside smoking a cigarette.”

Now a proud LAVATUBE user, Julie finds herself sharing her experience on a weekly and sometimes daily basis with her friends and family. “I’ve introduced a lot of people to e-cigs and am happy to say that most of them have completely made the switch to vaping.”

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